Hi guys, so, I've phsyched myself up, binned all the junk food in the house, got out my old running trainers and looked out my shorts.

I started running in December at 19stone. Come the start of June i was 15stone. I have since that time been away from running as I have gotten married, been on honeymoon, stag etc etc. Somehow I am different from everyone else and I DON'T run when I'm stressed. I turn to my xbox and junk food instead. I have, in that time since my last run got the mountain biking bug but it just does not push me as much as running does.

So, just here for now to say hello! And wish me luck for tomorrow as it will be a toughie. I will be on this site quite a bit as I am now looking into training as I lose the last of my weight (I have a target of 13'6 stone)





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