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I've been running for 3 weeks and already wishing I was so much better...I'm setting an average pace of about 6:30 mins for every 1k and running around 3k - 4k in anything between 20 and 30 mins! But then I am ridiculously overweight (14st 10lbs and 5"11) and haven't really tried physical exercise since I was maybe 23 year old! I've just bought some New Balance 1080v3 as apparently I strike with my forefoot and don't ever make contact with my heel - some nice cushioned areas to help with my high arches and very, very slight under-pronation too. Pain in my lower legs was pretty bad before that and my shins felt the brunt.

I currently run 3k - 4k every other night with weight training on 'off' nights. 

Breathing seems to be a problem and I need a better cardio-vascular routine I feel (maybe even a better breathing technique?) I've tried knocking alcohol on the head and have been eating much more healthily.


Any tips greatly welcomed! image



  • Piano, piano (slowly, slowly) and just keep on running... it'll soon come good especially with improvements to your diet and lifestyle.  Don't overtrain especially given your weight as you WILL get injured.  Keep us all updated!

  • I don't know how long ago it was since you were 23 but assuming it took years for you get overweight and unfit, don't expect to reverse it in a few weeks. Stick with it and banjo banjo. Don't fall off the wagon.

  • Pole-pole: slowly, slowly, take it easy (Same message as Toro - the Swahili flavourimage)

    Consistency, and easy running will improve your cardio systm no end. just give it time.

  • Consistency is the key.

    So as the others have said - take it slowly. Those speeds look too fast to me. You want to be able to chat as you run. That's the correct intensity.

    Extend some of the runs gradually or effectively you'd be plateauing.

    Look at your diet. If you cut down on portion size and calories - losing weight will help you. The body is amazingly efficient - on a 3k run the average size person only burns 200 calories. It's a lot easier to not eat as much as it is to burn it off after.

    If you keep it up you will get fitter. Good luck.
  • Esro - Hi I have been running on and off this year and am now on Week 8 of a Half Marathon training plan.  I am still only running 11 minute miles so your pace does sound a bit quick but if thats what you can manage good on you, I must be a snailimage

  • roebyroeby ✭✭✭

    Well done image, take it easy , things don,t happen over night .Take his as a step in the right direction and you,ll see an improvement in the months to come. 

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