MK Marathon 2014


Has any one done the MK Marathon before?  Would you say it is a good marathon?  Well supported? Interesting course etc?

Any fedback welcome as I'm thinking I might sign up for it.image


  • Cool, thanks for the feedback CG668

  • I did this as the third marathon in three days over the bank holiday weekend and as I generally run trails and was knackered, I was really not looking forward to it, but....despite the heat (it was that one warm day in May) I enjoyed;

    • the course - gently undulating and slightly twisty enough to be interesting, going through a surprising number of green spaces for an urban race. 
    • other runners being friendly, as many were suffering in the heat (set off to fast for it, whereas I had too many miles in the legs to comtemplate anything approaching "speed") and wanted to chat
    • the stadium finish, which was really good fun
    • good overall organisation, with plenty of inside (stadium) space to shelter from the weather - this year hot, but last year it tipped it down I believe
    • close to a train station so I could get from London that morning
    • nicely designed t-shirt (cotton), which I actually wear out in public now and again, and medal

    All in all I'd recommend and have entered already for next year.




  • Excellent, all sounds very positive Elaine.  Thank you.image

  • I did it this year.

    Was nice, route is a bit samey, in lots of places i had no real idea where i was in MK.  It  is mainly on the red routes which aren't that wide. So even near 5 hours there were quite a few runners around me for most of the race.

    There was talk about their being a band every mile... there was 1 maybe 2 ...

    The stadium finish when you run around the MK Dons rather posh stadium with a few hundred people cheering you on is awesome!! That seriously makes up for any dullness around the rest of the course, the finish is fantastic.  The goodie bag stunk, a moudly banana, a melted mars bar and t shirt that was it. 

    It's also quite an expensive marathon.  But the finish is awesome.  So what the heck i signed up straight away to do it again next year.

    It's also pretty flat but there is quite a long hill not very steep but it goes on and on around 23 miles in.


    EDIT: I forgot it didn't worry me, but some people had real grumbles about the fact that there are lots of underpasses so lots of sharp little downs, then ups with quite a few sharp 90 degree turns in, so if you really like long straight roads where you get a rhythm that isn't broken, you might struggle in places.

  • Just had to pull out of Chester in a months time due to injury so looking for an alternative for my first marathon, and thinking about this as one of the options once I get fit again.

    Not the best reviews I've read but the finnish does some good. Anyone know if this sold out last year (Ie how soon do I need to make a call image)

  • I entered at the weekend, mainly because it's a local event, but also as I've heard it's a decent event as well. I've done both the Milton Keynes half marathons this year and last and they were both good events, so I'm hoping the marathon will be too.

    I'm not 100% but I don't think it sold out last year, though 2014 being only the third running of the event, its popularity may be growing, especially with people not getting into London.

  • I'm looking at this for next year - it does sound good from what I've heard.

  • 2012 = 2936 finishers

    2013 = 2046 finishers

    There will also be a half marathon next year that will hopefully attract more interest:

    I did the full marathon this year and quite enjoyed it. Crowd support was a bit sparse in places but I expected that. Nice finish in Stadium MK though! 

  • Yeah I agree Buzzard258, with the addition of the half marathon at the 2014 event, hopefully there will be more interest.

    Looking forward to it though.

  • I would question if the introduction of a half would create more interest bearing in mind the festival of running in march has a half and there is the NSPCC half in July . saying that if you are a HM runner in mk you wont have far to travel to race regularly image

  • First run today after 8 weeks out with achillies problem only a mile but no pain image.

    If all ok after a couple more next week I'll be signing up for this 

  • I've signed up and coming from Swindon.

    Does anyone know how the half marathon will be incorperated into the marathon? Are we all starting together?


  • Still getting achillies pain day after each run so not going to comit myself to this yet but still hoping. This injury is being very persistant image

  • This will be my first full marathon. Hoping not so warm next year but also hoping not the rain! Excited but nervous about doubling my distance.

  • I love rain in Marathons just what you need to cool you downimage in the leicester this year it peed it down for the first half.  It had stopped by the last drinks stop so i grabbed an extra cup of water and poured it over me to cool down.  Wet is good image

    Hoping for around 4:15ish if lucky... think that might be a little ambitious, but hey, you don't get anywhere if you don't try.

  • There's rain and there's rain! Leicester was ok as fairly light once started running. Not sure about my time. 1.50 my best half so suspect around 4.30ish.

  • On sites like mcmillan 1:50 would give you a sub 4 marathon, but that would involve a lot of training image We might end up finishing around the same time image

  • We may indeed. I'm using this month as my little break (says she who has been running up hills on Saturday trail and doing ten mile runs on Sundays). My plan is to start proper training next month. I am lucky as I will be working with a PT who is an ultra runner. He got me from zero to half so I'm confident he can get me from half to full marathon.

  • Recovery going well, a lot less pain now, going to do Moors Valley 10k at end of month, if that goes Ok I'll be putting entry in for this.

    The plan was to get my first marathon done this year before 55 but I suppose another year won't matter as long as I can get round image

  • Entered this last night.

    Price goes up on Jan 1st, in case people are umming and ahhing.

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