Without hard, there is no easy

My blog this week at www.joearlam.wordpress.com about the Bath Marathon - number 26 chalked up. Thanks in advance if you do read it.


  • if you had been on athread chatting away and mentioned your blog I might read it,.....

    starting up  athread to try and advertise your blog is just really annoying for regulars..there are hundreds of runners who have blogs and if each one just started a thread for their blog to be advertised it would soon ruin the forums......

    and runners usually only enjoy reading running blogs from people they know........as running really is quite boring thing to read about


  • Saddos corner...

  • What Seren says.

    If you have never posted before today this amounts to nothing more than an unpaid advert.

    Spend some time joining in with the community on here and its members will be more likely to want to read it.




  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I enjoyed the bit in the blog about SPAM.

    Didn't really know what to make of the rest of it.
  • Better to let the whole world think you are boring than to write a blog and prove them 100% right.

  • Ok. Points taken. Sorry to upset you. Worse to bore you. Still, if you stick your head above the parapet, you have to be prepared to get splatted. I'll disappear behind my wall again.

  • Just join in first, before launching the blog on us.....

    We're quite nice really 

  • Still negotiating my way around. Feel I should stick to running. But thanks.

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