Wye Not Tri 29/09/13 Chepstow Novice & Sprint

Haven't seen a thread on this one.

End of season blast or get a first race in before the
winter sets in?
First time for this event, organised by St Davids Hospice.

Choice of
Novice Super sprint (300m, 10K, 2.5k)
Sprint (750m 20k, 5k)

Swim in the NADC at Chepstow, home to the Big & Little Woody
swim, then a challenging bike course around the southern Forest of Dean, no real
big hills, and rounded off by a trail run. http://stdavidshospicecare.org/event-details/novice-and-sprint-triathlon/

Think I'll give the sprint a bash as I've not done a tri all year. Not
sure but I think they've knocked the entry price down by a tenner.


  • I did look at doing that but thought nearly £50 for a sprint was a bit much.  It's a shame because it's a great location.  Probably going to do the Cardiff tri sprint a couple of weeks before.

  • Think they realise they overpriced it. Believe there is a £10 discount now on the entry, but cant see where that comes from. I'll speak to my swim partner who's connected to the organisers & see what the score is on that. £39 isn't too bad.


  • Sounds quite nice. Might give the novice ago. Been out injured since May when I pulled up in the cotswold sprint. Still not allowed to run for another 2/3 weeks. 

  • Ay up Brizzle, sorry to hear what happened at the Cotswold. How ya doin? 


  • Looks like I'm in a relay at the Little Woody now as well. So might get two swims at the Diving Centre image

  • yeah im not too bad MrsDigger


    Just cocked up my right foot and causing pain everytime i run etc. Had to order a rather expensive (£180) set of carbon insoles to hopefully fix the issue.

    Picking them up next week so will try them out and see what happens.

    Also im the process of moving house so i havent a clue where all my training stuff is so again next week when we move in ill have a better clu to what im planning for the rest of the year.


    Hopefully going to sign up to outlaw half or something for next year

  • Checked with my clubmate tonight. Yes there is a discount on the entry prices of £10 for postal entries received by 16 August. 

    £39 for the sprint, £25 for the novice. Much more of a bargain.

    Looks like I might have to pull out of racing the Tuska race in August so if I'm going to a tri this season its this one. 

  • I'm very keen on this as my 1st tri and it's just up the road but do I play it safe and go for the super sprint or just go for it and do the sprint distance? 

  • Sprint!  It'll be over way to quickly if you do the super. image

  • Sprint! 300m is not worth getting wet for image. More time to enjoy your first outing.image The venue is stunning if you haven't been there.

  • Right I'm in for the sprint, will get my entry posted on Monday image

    Few questions, what's an average time and also a good time for a sprint? How far is the run up from the swim to Transition? Should I worry about getting tri bars and getting used to them or as its my first tri just get as aero as possible on the drops? 

  • well done Rocco....image

  • Great Rocco. 

    Its a fair distance up from the lake, a good couple of hundred meters. You need a pair of trainers down the bottom, because you wont run up the stoney track bare footed. 

    First race dont get hung up on times or equipment.



  • Aw Brizzle sorry to hear that. Make sure it's right then. Don't want you out any longer than you should be.

    OH and I doing novice supersprint at Bath end of Sept. Gonna have a gander at this tho, good to support a new race. 

    Good luck with the move, hope to too stressful! image

  • Officially entered for the sprint! Went to check out the venue on Saturday and it was a little nerve racking looking at the swim. The bike course has a fairly large hill but the run should be ok. 

    So I have 6 weeks to go, how would I be best spending my training time to get the most out of it? I'm guessing him work on the bike would be a good idea, what about the swim? 

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