Hunger/tiredness on rest days

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Apologies if this is in the wrong forum first of all...

Just wanted to get an idea how others feel when you train on a reduced calorie diet. I'm eating very well at the moment (staying well away from refined sugars, cakes, crisps...all the bad stuff) and limiting my calorie intake to 1900. As well as getting fitter in terms of being able to run for longer, I'm wanting to shed as much fat as possible. I'm 39, 12st and 5ft 10in. Currently running 10.24 per mile and have been doing for a few months now. I'm planning on reaching a 10k for my next goal however....and this is the reason for my post.

On my rest days, I'm feeling absolutely ravenous (I mean I could literally devour the contents of the fridge) and pretty tried out. I'm steadfast in my goals but could do with  hearing from others as to whether you come up against the same thing. Is working through increased hunger the normal path to shedding excess fat or is there something other that I could be doing?

Thanks in advance for any advice/words of wisdom.



  • 1900 calories is a bit severe. I lost 1st 10 in about a year but not by starving myself to that extent, I did starve myself a little. As I got fitter I reached a point where I had to start eating more as my weight started coming off too quickly. Think long term-start as you mean to continue, 2500 kcals is the minimum for a man in training.  If you can do low kcals for a while without yo-yoing it probably isn't too much of a problem, big if mind.

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    How many miles are you running in training? An active man of your height and weight is going to need 2700cals a day. Reducing that by more than 500cals will cause you problems.

    Eat more train harder. The less you eat the more your body will self protect and stop you pushing hard so it's counter productive.


  • How much weight have you lost so far if you've been doing it for a few months?

    How many miles a week are you doing?

    Slightly surprised that your running pace has not naturally speeded up over last few months both due to weight you must have lost and also the fact that you have been running for a few months.

    I'm not really asking to give you any nuggets of information about calories; your post just made me curious (and one of my daughters is trying to eat healthier and run to lose weight and is struggling a little too).

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