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just hoping for some points of view and tips for a first race. I have my first ever 10k in October - I have started a training plan and have plenty if time so it shouldn't be an issue. BUT I am nervous ... well more nervous about being nervous. Silly I know....I am even training once a week on the route the run takes but I know that nerves will start playing games with me!

How was your first time?


  • Hi I think thats its normal to be a bit nervous and excited about any race, I feel a little nervous about my long runs but still love them.  You will really enjoy it, are you running it with friends that will help. Just try and relax soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the day.  It will be greatimage

  • I'm sure it's going to be a great day image Just need to do some more meditation!

    Love the way I have called it a race...its more of a fun run

  • On the day It's very easy to get pulled along with runners faster than you so make a conscious effort not to set off too fast as you will regret it towards the end of the race. Try and relax and enjoy it. Anyway you want to do a time that you can beat next time.

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    I ran my first "organised" 10k a few weeks ago. Although it's a "race" you needen't worry about the elite runners. You'll see them at the start line, but as soon as the starter hooter/gun goes off they'll sprint over the horizon and you won't see them again! image

    In the 10k I did there was a really good atmosphere amongst the plodders at the back. If you're not in the first few you're only really racing against yourself rather than against other runners. Everyone will be helping each other out.

    Set off slowly. Relax and enjoy it.

  • thanks for the tips guys...I'm sure it'll be ok on the day. I may have to do a parkrun or 2 just to get used to running with people around...I usually run early in the A.M. so nobody gets to see me!

  • Doing a parkrun is a good idea. It is weird running with people around you when you are used to being alone. 

  • scary stuff! my first ever race was a 5k trail race, all i was worried about was not coming last. I still worry about that 2 years later image

    parkrun is a good idea, and also there is less pressure on you to perform and race it.

    dont try anything new on the day of the race, wear the same old kit you've been training in, eat the same stuff you normally eat, and allow yourself extra time on race morning for those last minute nervous loo visits image

  • Relax and enjoy yourself.

    Common Sense stuff get everything you are going to wear ready the night before if you have your number in advance pin that to tshirt night before as well.  You want to do as little as possible on the day get ready in advance.

    Don't think you are the only newbie there will be lots of others in your situation, just go with the flow and don't start to far forward, maybe ask the people around you what sort of time they are hoping for and if they are quicker then your plans maybe go back a bit. The only hard bit is getting started, it's just usually quite busy, so stay out of he way of others and that's it. 

    Take an old jumper so if it's cold you can just take it off and leave it at the start, they usually get given to charity.  So an old unwanted top image

    Make sure you arrive on time.  I always plan to be there at least an hour early that's if i have my number already, if you need to get your number then will be stuck in a long queue so don't leave it to late!

    Oh once you think your ready then join a queue for a pee, and then join again if you have to image

  • I was so nervous on my first one last year! It was the local half marathon, about 800 people there and I just kept looking around thinking "What the f**k am i doing here with all these ACTUAL runners".

    I started near the back and I knew I had to run at my own pace and not get caught up with what others were doing. Although the race had 799 other people, as far as I was concerned the only person I was racing was myself. I set myself a target time and pace and monitored it at every mile marker to work out if I was too fast/slow and adjusted my pace accordingly.

    As I felt so good half way I upped my pace and ended up beating my target by 7 minutes. It felt like I'd won olympic gold!

    So run like you are only racing yourself is my tip, set a target pace and monitor with a stop watch or smartphone app.


  • I was nervous and still get nervous! 

    I don't belong to a club and used to feel disheartened when I would turn up for a race and its mainly club runners, don't feel that way anymore!

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