Richmond Running Festival

Saw Mo Farah announcing the Richmond Running Festival on Sky Sports so had a look at the course maps for the 10k and half marathon... absolutely stunning! Can't believe its starting in Kew Gardens, just signed up!


  • Signed up too - the start is an easy walk from me, so why not!  Now I'm running two in two weeks image

  • Rachel you go girl!

    Have you seen that we get a free Nike running t shirt? I'm liking the freebies on this race!!!!

  • I've just found out about this race and signed up. That makes 3 of us running at least.

  • Just seen this race and was wondering if anyone knows whether the course is flat or undulating (not familiar with the area sorry!)

  • It's basically flat, most of it is along the river bank.  I've plotted it out and there does not seem to be any sneaky hills when it moves away from the river for a bit

  • Just signed up for the 10k there! How did I only just find out about this race! I love Kew and am so excited to get to run in it! 

  • I only found out about this today and signed up seems like a great route and a free beer at the end! 

    Does anyone know when you get number, time chip etc? I couldn't see anything on the site, but I might have missed it.

  • They've posted onto the Facebook page - numbers posted out 2 weeks before. Email coming out this week with all relevant information

  • oh no i missed the half marathon closing date.  If anyone is unlucky enough to be injured or cannot run on the day.  Please can I get your entry?

  • I'm doing the half marathon. Looking forward to it, hoping it's gonnahurt less than last year's HM when I was undertrained.

    Anyone know what time pacers they're gonna have?


  • DYU, they've just re-opened the half-marathon, some extra places

  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    I have signed up up for the 10k. I did not want to miss the local run starting in Kew Gardens image


  • I have an entry into the 1/2 marathon, happy to either sell it or swap for a 10k place?

  • Hi Kathy, I have just entered today so still places left.

  • Darn LSH88!! I just switched from the 10k to half! Easy to do if you contact them.

  • Switched to the 10k in the end, think I would have struggled with the half as all ym training has been geared towards 5-10k lately!

  • I just signed up for the half...   :0)


  • Thanks Rachel.  i got in.

  • my first post on any forum and my first half marathon to boot. Just did a long training run around richmond park today. 14 miles is the furthest i've ever run by 4 miles left hip is a little bit sore. Can't wait to do the race best of luck everyone.

  • Hi! Does anyone know what the course is like. Ie is it on road / tarmac or on grass?


  • Kew gardens - looks like we run along the paved paths in the garden. with some on grass.  Along the river, is mainly hard packed, with bits of tarmac. Bit along Richmond Green, road/Grass. Old Deer park: Grass. Ham: roads. 

    So a mixture of surfaces.

  • Looking forward to doing the10k tomorrow, weather looks okay (no rain!) and looking forward to the course! 

    Hope everyone has a great run!

  • Done! Loved the course, even if a bit slippy on towpath at times. How did everyone do?  My watch time was new PB, 2:14:17. Very happy with that image

  • Hi Rachel I was around 39.50 in the 10K. Excellent setting and very well organised. The last 1/2 mile on grass felt like running through treacle!

  • I enjoyed this run, especially having the festival afterwards, such a scenic course. But I am starting to wonder if I just hallucinated the fact that there were no water stations between 6 and 11 miles, and that there was no energy drinks at the 11 mile water stop (although plenty at 3 miles, strangely, which seems to be the wrong way around?) Maybe I was just so knackered that I ran straight past the water station without seeing it!

    (And did I also hallucinate the teddy bear's picnic, inside Kew Gardens?)

    By the way, perhaps on these forums there is the girl in a pink t-shirt and black leggings, wearing earphones, who ran out off the pavement into the road at Petersham (just before the turn into River Lane), a narrow but extremely busy road. She nearly got hit by the bus coming down the road behind her and then seemed to be oblivious to the bus driver frantically beeping their horn at her? Terrifying to watch. I saw her afterwards in the park and was more than a little relieved that she'd survived the rest of the race unscathed. Silly silly girl.

  • there were quite a few girls with pink t-shirt and black leggings. I was wearing those too and kept spotting others. I was not, however, wearing headphones. I wear them for training, but not in a race. Too dangerous! (and too rude if you can't hear people coming up to pass you). 

  • annajo - there was meant to be a water station during the 10k and I didn't see it!


  • Hi LSH88 et al.,

    There was a water station at mile 3 for the 10km but sadly a marshal did not turn upto their place and the lead cyclist was too far ahead for people to see they turned left. the next person must have gone through the small gate rather than going left and therefore everyone missed the water station. Not great and many lessons learnt this year. We corrected this for the half marathon. We have had a few good comments re. water stations and this will be reviewed and corrected next year. Thanks for the feedback and please keep the feedback coming in!

    Hope you all enjoyed the day.

    Tom Bedford, Race Director.

  • Tom - not everyone missed the water station in the 10k. I went through 5k in about 30 mins and we went past it.

    i enjoyed the race. Was generally very well organized. I was allowed to swap to 10k last minute which a lot of races would not have allowed. Was good to have a beer at the end. I don't usually drink London pride but it went down well.

    my feedback/suggestions. 1/ Would be good to have some signs at start so people organist themselves according to finish time. There was a guy with a megaphone but was quite hard to hear. 2/ was nice to get chocolate milk at end, but I'd also have like some water. I may habr missed it but had to queue to get dine from the food stalls. 3/ please can we have women's t-shirts. when females make up a reasonable proportion of the field, and a race sells itself partly saying we'll get a t-shirt at the end, it's rather annoying to find there are only men's ones. A men's small is too big for me to make much use of. 

  • It was shame that the 10k and half marathon medals were the same?

    Whilst not carping about the t shirts ( good quality ) the design could have reflected the distance run rather than the festival?

    A good event albeit my feet were slightly sore from the stoney river bank ( nice mud! )

    I empathise with the grass at the end.

    Well organised and I found water where it was supposed to be.

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