How fast to run c25k?

Ok only in week 2 but loving it. At minute my 90 second runs are averaging between 9.30 and 10.30 pace according to my lovely app. Is that to fast or to slow I have no idea what is good at this stage.




  • If you are loving it then its good .. surely?

    Keep to the plan and worry about speed later on down the line  image

  • Hi knackered but trying, Newbie here also so can't really help other to say yup, it sounds fast (to me) but your should give us some info about yourself so the more experienced can chime inimage

  • There is no set pace, run at whatever is comfortable for you.

  • stu jstu j ✭✭✭

    KbT - you'll hear a lot of people talking about running at a conversational pace - so if you're finding it too hard to speak whilst running then you're probably going a bit too quick. 

    If you are running with a partner then just see if you can keep chatting to them around the time.  but if you're on your own you could maybe just sing a few lines to a song to gauge if you're on the right speed.  Another rule of thumb, you shouldn't feel absolutely shattered after the vast majority of your training runs.

  • conversational pace is a good guide. - agree with stu

    c25k should be done at an easy pace - dont worry about your pace at the moment - the whole point of it is to get you used to running.

  • If you can keep the pace and only breathe through your nose, it's a nice conditioning pace. Not so easy on short sections like 90s laps, but a handy guide.

    The rate of breathing should correlate to heart rate which has a relation to the lactate threshold that advanced types worry about.

  • agree with all the above.

    I'm coming up to the end of week 8 (one more to go). Your pace will improve gradually. If you can run for 30mins (which YOU WILL!!!) then the pace will follow. your legs need to get used to duration before you can start worrying about speed.

    I only started using an app to record data once the c25k had me running 25mins without stopping , otherwise you'll be fiddling with the phone to say when walk and run segments are so you don't bugger up your average pace.

    best of luck, push on. it's an incredible feeling that first time you run twenty minutes. I honestly couldn't believe it when my legs just kept moving!!


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