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my friend and i ran last week on a local race. He ran 5k and according to his own time watch he completed 16:47:00. However, the time result on the web showed he completed in 19:00:00 or so. 

He checked with the event committee regarding this and said that the correct time was the 19:00:00 which was recorded from his race number NOT his time chip. Apparently his race number was falledn off his shirt while he was running and they said other runner picked it up and brought it in while he/she was running too. Thus the recorded time is based on the number not the time chip.

amy thoughts or comments whether this is correct or acceptable in running? I ran few 10k and HM and never know about this rule btwn time  chip and race number is more valid the race number. Any such regulation frm the IAaF? 


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    I would have thought the chip was the best record of time, though technically without a number he should have been disqualified as far as I am aware.

    I take it your mate is quite an athlete and probably won the race or finished in the top few?

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    KC -- It sounds a bit odd that your mate either didn't notice that his number fell off or couldn't be bothered to pick it up, and another runner did bother to pick it up...  Who was the event organiser?

  • I think he should have been disqualified for finishing without a number.

    How would officials know he was racing ?

    Losing your number is careless at best and littering at worst.
  • Taxi Driver - it was organized by a running event organizer hired by the telco company. Its a local event in Indonesia.

    my friends is not an athlete, he is just a normal man enjoys exercising who turned out ran so fast.

    his race number fell off accidentaly i guess and he wasnt paying attention to it. I would agree if he is considered diqualified but instead the committee accepting his race number who were delivered by other runners. 

  • Cougie - the other indicator was the time chip given by the committee on his shoes. thats ehy we were questioning, why race nber matters more than the time chip? we thought we must finish wearing both not just either or.

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    Maybe they're coming at it from the number is more important than the runner...   But it would seem a bit of a nonsense to assign a time based on when the bib crossed the line, particularly given that they know it wasn't on the correct runner...  Very peculiar!

  • If you could run a 16:47 5k you'd know whether you just had or 'jogged' round in 19, no need for a chip to tell you that.

  • "Gun" times (which are based on the number) are nearly always the "official" times for the race.  Certainly the first, second and third positions will be based on the order people cross the finish line, not their chip time.

    Chip times are more for the runners, who like to know their actual times - although now that pretty much everyone has a GPS of some kind, they are less relevant.

    I guess the moral of the story is fix your number on securely.  Or pick it up if it falls off.

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    Well if they were going to give him a time and not disqualify him, the chip would have been more accurate than the time another random runner got his bib back in, thats just someone elses time. Why would another runner stop to pick up a number though?


  • So that they could run up the road shouting " I got your number,

    118 118 "


  • You can get DQ'd if you cut down the number - so removing the sponsor etc - I think they've been generous in letting him have his number time.

    He should race more with a time like that - and also get more safety pins !
  • For the Cardiff half the timing chip was stuck on the back of the race number. Maybe a similar deal?

  • I was just thinking was the chip[ on the number as thats getting more common nowadays........

    but as no number usually means disqualification then I suppose he can just go on his watch time for his own records


  • mattywarr wrote (see)

    For the Cardiff half the timing chip was stuck on the back of the race number. Maybe a similar deal?

    That is an excellent point!  

  • Most chips are now on the reverse of the number

  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭
    Runnin man wrote (see)

    Most chips are now on the reverse of the number

    I was totally unaware of that concept until now...  And who says that the RW Fora aren't educational eh image

  • Kanya did say that the chip was on his shoes in this case.
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