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  • BM  Running too has saved me, similar situation.  Eldest had a breakdown a couple of years ago when the house was burgled when he was home alone, he dropped out of school and I gave up work this year to stay at home and look after him.  He's in and out of hospital, most recently last week.  It's been very, very stressful.  Heading out on my own clears the head and keeps me sane.

    Aaron  well done on your PB!

    TD great idea and love the contributions.  Can't decide between solo running over (not round) Arthur's Seat in a blizzard last February and running through Glen Affric in the worst conditions the running group had ever seen late October.  34k of gale force wind, biting rain, up to our knees in icy water at times and the path so waterlogged it was like running in a stream.  Add in sheer drops and hypothermia.  Loved it!  Oh and the Mud Run with PC, totally mental but what a sense of achievement.  In fact this has been my best running year, broke my 10k PB three times, came first in my age group at my one and only Park Run  and clocked up the most races ever in one year.  Only disappointment was Paris Marathon when I got a PW ... 

  • I'm right at 2400km so far, looking for another 200 before the year is out.

    Emmy -

    The Garmin 620 has basically 2 things the 220 does not: wifi uploading and added running metrics.  

    The wifi is very nice, but both he 620 and 220 will also use bluetooth to your phone to upload to garmin connect automatically, so that is just as easy.  If you want to use any other service, or have the files on your computer, you must upload with the cable.  

    The added metrics seem fairly worthless to me, other than looking pretty.  What does ground contact time, or vertical oscillation tell you?  How do you use that info?  Another new metric is the recovery advisor - it gives me 48-57 hrs between runs, something that is way longer than I need.  It also estimates VO2 max - this has been reviewed as pretty accurate, but I'm a little skeptical. Mine is 47, which for my age is pretty superb and better than 90% of others.  Given my race times, I know that's not true.  The race predictor built into the watch gives me a marathon time of 3:27 - which is 28 minutes better than my pb.  So I have a hard time believing it.  These metrics are only measured if you use the new heart rate monitor and strap (which btw is excellent, no dropouts at all)

    Both watches have a built in accelerometer, making the footpad obsolete.  But, at least on the treadmill, it is useless and only licked up about a third of my run. And, you can pair a footpad (which I have now done) - if the built in one worked well, why did they build in a footpad pairing?

    So, the 200 has bluetooth but not wifi, and these added metrics.  I don't think that's worth the extra cash.

  • My favorite run this past year?  Without doubt the 10 miles I ran with my eldest son in Nashville earlier this year.  Beats every run I've ever done.

  • My favo(u)rite run of 2013?  Hmm.  I will have to say the Royal Parks HM.  Just under 1:50 a PR by 3 mins.  Although the race had waaaaay too many people, running through central London was a blast.

    A close second was running in the hills around Florence last month.  However, if I ever have the chance to do it again, I will definitely take a map.

  • Best run of 2013? Erm, probably Paris as it's the only race I performed better than expected. That and the company is ok I guess! image

    I haven't enjoyed my running at all this year due to constant injury niggles. I'm hopeful 2014 will be more of a 2012 than 2013 running wise.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Danirr - thank you for the review. It's very helpful.

    TP - Hope that you're able to get around without too much hassle from the train strikes.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Emmy - The weather hasn't been too horrid yet, so her hands seem to be ok at the moment. She's got heated gloves for when the worst hits and santa has got her some Merino liners.

    Fingers crossed.

  • Like Eggy, my best run of the year was Paris marathon.

    Since then, I've felt something of an "impostor" runner. Not "enough" of anything. Not focussed enough, not fit enough, not fast enough, not dedicated enough...the list is endless.

    Life has thrown some curve balls at me this year, and all that personal stuff has taken its toll on my ability to dedicate myself to training. I hope to change this, and I hope to find joy in it again, but I guess I just have to be patient and get life onto a more even keel before I can focus on it.

    I can, without doubt, say that running has been a key plank in my mental health. I held off a major depressive episode for 5 months in 2011 and I attribute that entirely to running. When I finally hit rock bottom, it happened spectacularly and it was 4 months of hard work to clamber out of the pit.

  • TPP, MM, Emmy: its all big stuff. I can't find an emoticon that quite expresses it.

    TD - you asked a great question

  • Maus you've had one hell of a year, give yourself a break! And there's nothing imposterish about you. You'll find your drive to run again one day when the timing is right. Putting pressure on yourself to get out there doesn't make it fun and if it's to do its job and keep us sane it needs to be fun.

  • Oh, best run of the year...hmmm. so think maybe it was at the end of the summer when I was up near Pitlochry. As with most of my favourite runs it involved having no fixed understanding where I was (ie lost), forests, rivers, hills, no one around and oh yes, on this occasion falling into a river. Twice image

  • If anyone wants to help a friend who is doing a survey for her occupational therapy studies about running and depression send me a PM and I'll put you in touch with her

    MM you had such a great marathon.  The new year will bring a new you and lots of exciting stuff.  Anyway, you've got the best personal trainer ever, you can't go wrong x

  • ATMATM ✭✭✭

    Best(?)run of2 013? I think that might be tomorrow... *Tinsel,have you looked at the last kilometre? We might be talking about this one when we're safely locked up in the Eventide Home....* Let's see...

  • busy in here today.  

    For me Paris was one of my best, partly due to the fact I never thought I was going to be able to run, secondly seeing the supporters group including my kids, and of course the time spent with you guys. My other favourite was a run with Naomi In the summer. 

    Long day today, no run as absolutely shattered this morning and still now. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. image

  • Wow some of you have some incredible stories! I no very well about the effects of depression etc can have having witnessed it with a few very close people it's affects you and everyone who's close but credit to everyone who has struggles and finds a way to cope and carry on if that's through running then even better because you're bettering your health at the same time your all inspirational!!!
  • Hello, just popping in to say hi and thanks for the Auntie congrats Weedy - I'm an Auntie five times over now - you'd think that my Mum would have enough grandchildren but she's pestering me for them already...

    ArrowsLou - I did the Wymondham 20M last year, went off far too fast and learned some really hard lessons about training... Nearly threw their paperweight back at them when I got to the finish! Still, it's a lovely course. I'd do that this year but I too (along with loads of others) are doing the Silverstone - see you there!

  • Favourite run this year was the cumbrae 10 mile ,,

    Running is such a solitary sport most of the time but I really felt like part of an amazing group of people, the BCRC image , the caledonia massive branch ( most of them ) ,eggy ,HS, ATM , RR , Fiona , Audrey and myself , all in BCRC tops running round cumbrae , perfect weather for running , cheering everyone home , counting them in one by one , finishing together with RR so we both never lost our bet !, champagne opened when our final runner came home to a massive cheer, getting asked questions by strangers ( try telling someone about the significance of the Bristol stool chart with a straight face ) , ferry rides ,, bus rides then back to ATMs for a buffet prepared superbly by Mr ATM

    It was Perfect day , and it showed me the support and love this group can give out , if I'm being honest I would have quit running after Paris 2013 ,,I had completed what I wanted to complete , two marathons , but you guys and girls have kept me going and sane ,,and special thanks to one truly amazing person !
  • You soft sod.

  • Best run - Beachy Head Marathon! You know why WTQ and RR.image

  • Evening everyone.

    Did nice 10k this afternoon and planning on 10 miles tomorrow.

    One thing I have noticed is that my 10k time is slower in the past few weeks now I'm going on longer runs. Today, though I felt good while running, was two minutes slower than average. But at the same time, my long runs are getting marginally faster each week. Not too bothered once I keep adding mileage each week and can get myself across the finishing line in April, but am slightly perplexed why time is slowing. 

  • As90 - time is slowing because you're running so fast you're making the world rotate backwards image.

    So many runs, difficult to choose a favourite.  Emmy - my lasting memory of that Richmond Park run (apart from RS hurling small children out of the way to let you through) was the advice you gave me about doing the Marathon des Sables - take an aluminium spork, because a plastic one will melt.

    But up there must be:   - Paris, because it's Paris, and because of the support, and the PB this year. - Beachy Head for the can can photos that will haunt me for the rest of my life. - Ethiopian half - where else would you almost trip over a goat because you're watching a hundred elite runners overtake you? - ITLR - where do I start? Probably the day Emmy and I set off after lunch, and she pointed out that they had chosen to run, in the hottest part of an exceptionally hot day, the Scot and the redhead. Or the police escort through the centre of Brussels at the end.   But I think my favourite also has to be the Round Cumbrae race, the race that had it all. Nice distance (10 miles), great course round the island, pre-race scones in Largs, a wee ferry to get to the start, toasting the Caledonian Massive (Central Belt and ex-pat branches) at the finish line. It's all about the people, and that was a very special one for me.
  • In between poncing around in a wetsuit I did manage a wee bit of running in 2013. Despite the low mileage I PB'd at 10 miles, half marathon and marathon. At my age, less is sometimes more... My first open water triathlons, and first Olympic distance triathlon all contributed to making it another good year for me. And yes, it keeps me relatively sane.

    Best run was Paris as I managed to discipline myself to maintain the correct pace for the whole race. Something I usual fail to do. And crossing the line in 3:29:32 was really special. And the one or two beers in Corcorrans with some of you lot were also very special.

  • Running Reindeer wrote (see)

    As90 - time is slowing because you're running so fast you're making the world rotate backwards image.



    Sometimes I feel like I'm running backwards! image 

  • Its all about the people..... And a marvellous bunch you all are! Without your support, I would probably never have started running again after the 7 weeks off At the start of 2013. You have supported me through a lot this year, and although I did not achieve any PB's I achieved a hell of a lot more than I thought possible.

    Looking forward to Paris 2014  already, and all because of you guys. image

  • Kaz - as a wise woman once said " you soft sod "
  • You rang?

  • WTQ - When did you become wise?

  • While you were poncing around in a wetsuit, love....

  • Best run this year... Inverness half as it was my first half. Particularly the moment at the 11mile mark that I realised I could finish in under 2 hours - felt like superwoman at that point - the sprint finish finished me off however, felt less super after that!

    Emmy Ho Ho Ho wrote (see)
    Simon MacSanta wrote (see)

    Shorts and t-shirts at 6am this morning and I was still sweating. Very wierd weather.

    Jingle Jo - I did the Garioch half last year as a training run. Really enjoyed it. Despite the hills, and the wind and the snow....

    WTQ - your mileage is twice what I have achieved. Well done!

    Come over to Belgium. It's freezing this morning. -4 during my run and its just hovering around freezing now.

    WTQ - well done!! image Thats a great amount. I must admit - i dont track my mileage.

    Simon - see you at the Garioch this year? I did the 10K last year, it was fairly chilly, but a good crowd!

    Orbutt - See you there!

    Emmy - I'm in Brussels next week, how many layers should I take (not that I'll be about at KOC!)


  • Best runs?  St.Annes beach on a summer's morning, or up in the Innsbruck mountains whilst holidaying with my best mate.  Best race was probably my first half marathon, Blackpool, in April, being aware that the Paris marathon was on the same day and thinking maybe it wasn't such a crazy idea to think that I might find the self-belief to give it a go.

    Running is so amazing for positive mental health, endorphins, feeling at one with the world, immense gratitude for simply being alive, feeling able to have a go at anything....

    I can't wait to meet you allimage

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