Paris Marathon 2014



  • Bonjour... It s Kaz O Clock image Must be time for a run...
  • Bonjour Madame

    Its KOC now but last night it was numerous Strawberry Daiquiris O'clock. Feeling a little jaded but was very happy to discover, when I returned home in my drunk form last night, Santa over in Atlanta, had delivered an early crimbo prezzie for Jimbob! Thanks D xx

  • Just got back from a 10k in near freezing temperatures which is fairly unusual for here (Israel). Last week I was running in 20C and this morning just 2C. Also quite windy so that added to the chill factor. I know that most of you run in worse conditions, but this caught me unprepared.

    I have been struggling to get motivated these last few weeks as at work we are going through a difficult period. Next week I am going to learn that my position is going to be reduced to part time probably 50%. So I am now very busy trying to find a new job but also considering another 50% position to make up the difference. At home I am trying to stay positive as my wife over reacts in these situations and I have convinced her that we will pull through this fairly comfortably. Nothing needs to change including trips to Paris and a summer vacation. Also my eldest daughter is getting married in June so an evenful year ahead.

    Best run in 2013? Definitely the Rome marathon as this was my 10th marathon and the first time I went sub 4 hours. Towards the end of the race, I was so focused on breaking the 4 hour barrier, I ran past my screaming family and I didn't hear a thing. When they told me where they were standing, I said "What? I ran past the Colosseum? I didn't even notice!!".

    All this was going through my head while running this morning.

  • I also got my present from the Santa in Atlanta. Thanks Danni, I loved the surprise too. image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Jingle Jo wrote (see)


    Emmy - I'm in Brussels next week, how many layers should I take (not that I'll be about at KOC!)


    Jo - When will you be around? Íf you fancy a run - let me know. I'm currently there wednesday and Friday (travelling the other days). RE: What to wear - i'm currently wearing 1 long sleeved running shirt, tshirt, buff, tights, gloves and buff and i'm warm as long as the wind doesnt hit me. I feel wholly unprepared coming to the UK this morning. I bought over ALL my winter gear and it feels tropical!

  • Aw, this is a whole lot of lovin'. I PBd this year at 5k, 10k, 10M*, 20M* and marathon. Hoorah!

    I really enjoyed the Zest 10k challenge in June - lots of mud, water, rain and hay. My 100th parkrun (in the pouring rain) was pretty special too. London marathon was great, especially seeing you guys along the way, resplendent in the green finisher t-shirt!

    I think, hands down, Paris was my favourite race. The route, the weather and the fact that I felt amazing for the whole distance, running every step of the way. My only regret is missing Corocorans - I'll be there with bells on next year!


    *technically PBs because that was my first race at that distance, but I'm taking it...

  • Oh, and mega thanks to the SAtlanta too, brilliant post to come home to on my first day back at work after being poorly!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Ooh - now reading back i've missed a lot.

    Kaz - what we've given you is not half as much as you have given us image There are times at 4am when i'm running when I look up at the sky and think: I wonder if Kaz is looking at the same stars.. you're probably fast asleep at this time and not really even seeing stars but it's one thing i wonder about.

    ATM/TP - Enjoy your KOC run image

    Kirsten - I'm looking forward to meeting you as well!

    I've not got anything from santa... was i a bad girl? image

    We Three Queens wrote (see)

    While you were poncing around in a wetsuit, love....

    Perhaps one of the best quotes of the week!

  • Jingle Jo - it will be between 8-10C daytime temps here in Brussels next week, if the forecast is to be believed. A bit of chance of rain but nothing too heavy. Brilliant, crisp sunshine right now though.

  • Quick hello.. Tartan was First VF2 at the Cross Ecole Militaire,Paris,this morning and I was Second. She was robbed of her rightful place on the Podium by some sort of cockup image Report, to follow.Congratulations to Tartan on her run and on her great good manners.She can put a face on anything and I am so proud of her. 

  • Glad you all like them!   Emmy - yours went out the same time as everyone else. I suspect the postie over there cannot keep pace with you!

  • A small parcel was received at Chez Maus yesterday Dannir. No idea what's inside. It doesn't have my name on. Maus arrives in Belgium tonight for the weekend.


    Congrats to Tartan and ATM for owning the top two steps on the podium in Paris today. We're proud of you. Did someone, say, more FRENCH, get misplaced on to the top step instead?!?

  • ATM so deserved to stand on the top step, she found the race and came all the way here.  Thanks for giving me the occasion to drink champagne in the morning ... hic  image

  • Well done TP and ATM. BCRC (Caledonian Division) take Paris by storm.

    And do you really need an excuse to drink champagne in the morning?

  • Emmy Ho Ho Ho wrote (see)
    We Three Queens wrote (see)While you were poncing around in a wetsuit, love....

    Perhaps one of the best quotes of the week!


    I fully expected a witty retort, and I wasn't disappointed.

  • image It's all in black and white,now. Tartan, First Podium place; me, Second ( VF2 and don't dare ask how many there were .We were well up the field and may join La Marine.... for the best tracksuits, ever.) We had a ball. ' Definitely a race for your calendar... for so many reasons.

    Simon, we were like half shut knives at 7 a.m so went back to the same cafe ...with a really good excuse.


    Off to look at the Christmas lights.


  • TP and ATM - great results, congratulations!

  • Loving our girls taking La Marine by storm image
  • ATM and TP - well done on the run and the placings , gon yerselves girls image
  • Well done TP and ATM. 

    I'm off to Huddersfield tomorrow ahead of The Great Yorkshire Pieathlon.  Not sure where any of this fits into my training! Haven't read any tips on how to pace yourself through two pie stations whilst being chased by a mad bad chef with a giant rolling pin and pie. 

    Anyway this is my last race of a year where Ii decided to run a race a month to keep myself motivated.  It's been brilliant.  5k's, 10k's, a 10 miler and two half marathons.  Loved it all.  Good times and some very bad times and now to round it off with my December race the one and only first (and hopefully not the last) pieathlon.


  • Looking for some running music?

  • Good luck to all running/racing this weekend. 

    Emmy enjoy the time home, bet your getting spoilt with cakes again!image

    This morning for me was 4 x 0.5 mile hill reps. Couldn't push to hard due to the infection I am carrying but it felt hard enough! 

  • KAZ!! Infection in your mouth and hard running DO NOT go together. You need to give your Lymphatic system a break. Really. It - is - not - clever. Please.

    Hopefully, this is my last week of not running this year. I need to get me in some figure hugging Lycra. 


  • TD - your almost there , one week then your back image

    Hampstead Heath park run this morning , with the legend jimbob , the lovely reindeer salad , the enigma that is running reindeer , the good doctor Iain , and bumping into Carl D at the end ,, all in all a good morning , first in age groups for , myself , jimbob , RR and RS !!!

    Followed by , coffees and scones -RS or croissant - Iain , full English breakfast ( for the grubbers ) before the heavy drinkers headed to a nearby pub for mulled ciders and beers ,all before twelve hic hic

    Perfect day in that there London image
  • Just worked out that the only way I can fit in my Monday 10 miler is by getting up at 5am. Or I could do it tomorrow evening.  Would that be enough of a rest period after today's 14.5 miles (incl 8 at marathon pace)?  I take my rest seriously!

  • Yes TD. I said it felt hard pace was crap. As the rest of the day has been. Feeling awful. image

  • Take it easy Kaz, hope you are feeling better soon.

    Excellent results from TP and ATM.

    TD -  my missus read an article on MAMIL's and gives me some stick everytime I get dressed for a runimage

    16 with a8 at MP tomorrow after a recovery run this morning - I was recovering from the works do so it was slooooooow..

  • Loads of serious [P&D] training going on! I won't start getting mentally prepared until January ... I guess this means I'll be on a 12 week plan Jan Feb Mar (incl. taper)

  • Thanks Emmy and TD - I'm in Brussels Tues - Thurs, Wednesday evening would be good for a run, I'm staying near Schuman, but happy to meet wherever.

    was down in the central belt this week and did a couple of morning runs, I'm a post-work or lunchtime runner most of the time and really felt a difference running first thing, seemed like much more effort, kudos to folks who do their long runs at early o'clock! I guess to fit in all the runs, I'm going to have to get used to this though!

  • Very much looking forward to the pieathlon race report (which autocorrect wants to change to 'priest hollow' for some reason image). Never had a pie during a race - sausage rolls and cake, yes, but not a pie.

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