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  • Pace yourself....

  • RR - bad girl
  • The Pieathlon was fantastic.  If you want to see any photos

    What a race. Pork pies, apple pies and mince pies.  But oh the hills!  People of Huddersfield - respect due! I can never moan about the hills round here ever ever again!

    I'm in for the Jantastic.

    No running for a couple of days, too busy indulging in the Xmas spirit.

  • Panic has set in......I was sent home froM work today by my boss as  I apparently ' didn't look to clever'...... I may not be the brightest spark but didn't think it was that obvious!! image

    Half marathon in March, and my running is getting less. image I know I need to get better but..........


  • Kaz, Don't panic, but from your recent posts I think you need to be thinking about going easy for a couple of days - this may involve not running at KOC and lying down for some extended periods of time! You can still afford a few days yet...image

  • He's right you know....image

    After an atrocious 15 mile LSR on Saturday, my 9 miles with 5 @ HM pace went pretty well this morning.  Some residual stressy stuff going on from last week so my HR spiked a few times when I started thinking about it but overall, I sat at around 85%

    As an aside, since I started taking a lot more notice of my HR, I've noticed that I do have to be careful what I think about when I'm running...If I am worried about something and start thinking about it, my HR leaps up by anything up to 10bpm.  Arses my stats RIGHT up, I can tell you....image

  • Kaz - It's been a rough few months for you, but the best thing is to rest up and regain your strength. Even taking a break to the New Year wouldn't hurt you. You could do that and run a half in March backwards without breaking a sweat.

    Remember you ran a sub 4 marathon in Paris this year a few weeks after having surgery. Myself and most others wouldn't have even contemplated running, never mind running and doing so well.

    I know for a fact the moment we can't go out and exercise is the very time our minds play tricks on us and want us out there, but a few weeks or even a month off isn't going to hurt you.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Kaz. I got a serious telling off by my physio last year for trying to run too soon after an injury. It doesn't make you better, it's actually bad for you.

    you need to totally reset your system and start refreshed. 

    This doesn't mean reducing your runs a bit. It doesn't mean taking it a bit easier. It means resting - totally. Consider this, you could well be doing yourself more harm than good.

    A week off won't knock you off your game. Starting in the New Year could be a very good move.

     How many people have told you to take it easy, to rest & recuperate? Re-read what Tricky wrote.

    Now, its up to you.

  • Just booked my plane ticket to Paris!  Hotel right by the Arc, too.  Definitely excited.  Now if I can just get through the next 700 or so miles of training.

  • Work only then for next week or so?? I suppose its exercise at least! Its going to be hard.....

  • Evening all! Been away a few days enjoying the weekend. A 12 miler tonight with the twin it's so much easier running with him he runs faster than me and is much fitter so when I start to tire I just tuck in behind him for a while and let him pace seems to make it easier and my times are faster!

    Kaz - rest no point making yourself worse then messing up your whole training from what I read you could take a little time off and still peak by Paris.

    Am thinking of booking an apartment for Paris as there could be about 8-9 people with me any one no of any good places like that? Thanks
  • Good Morning all.. well it's morning here!

    Kaz - I am hoping for around 4 1/2 hours.. but realistically since the weather could be a shock to me - not to mention I've never done a marathon I'll be happy to just finish!  Take care of yourself.. I hope you can rest up and not think about running for a few days.

    We arrive in Paris on the Tuesday and are doing lots with our children - Disneyland and sightseeing.. so I will be trying to take it easy LOLimage   We are staying in an apartment so I will be sussing out the location to the start and work out the best route to get in there.image 
    Good to see so many Australians on here image    I must admit here in Darwin when I mentioned doing the Marathon everyone looked at me blankly followed by comments of "Crazy", "Nuts" etc..  

    I did a quick 6km run yesterday which was good - the humidity here at the moment makes it so difficult to run, but I am determined to keep going.   I am taking my children down south to Sydney for 10 days after the New Year and have planned my runs around babysitters LOL.. The things you do!!  

  • Hi Rach

    Kaz - please thank your boss from us. And tell them if they'd be so kind as to visit Corcorans on the evening of April 6, there'll be a pint behind the bar for them. Two if they send you home tomorrow. Have you got a target for the half?

  • Rach, I'm staying in Disneyland with wife and kids Wednesday to Wednesday.  

    Think I'll be doing Expo on the Thursday combined with some sightseeing (first time to Paris so really looking forward to it)

    Collected Doctors stamp/signature today following free health check from nurse last week - low risk of any heart issues in next 10 years, so made it very easy for the Doctor with no appointment with him needed, just left the form to sign in between other matters .... Yet still was charged £19, bloody rip off just for a stamp and signature!!!!  The receptionist was appaulled and surprised I paid for it.  No choice really.

  • We have pretty much chocked up our schedule for Paris LOL (well i have, since i'm the organiser). I just realised we arrive on 2 April which is the Wednesday.. so will push all our days back. We are training it up from Switzerland so probably won't be in til late afternoon.. so I am writing Wednesday off. I am hoping we might get to go and check out the Eiffel Tour when we arrive for the kids.. but will see! We have Thursday for Disneyland, and then Friday I will book to go up the Eiffel Tour, and get on the on/off bus and do the usual sights.  I will get to the Expo sometime on Friday as I'm sure my kids and hubby would be interested too.  Saturday morning we have a family photo shoot at the Eiffel Tour and Louvre (which has been something i can't wait for as we haven't had great family shots done for ages.. and in front of the Eiffel Tour! Wow!), so that will be good.. then Saturday arvo we might just ride around in the hop on/off bus and try not to freak out! LOL image 

     One of my lovely friends is a doctor (and she also lives next door), so I will get her to write me a Doctor's Clearance. image 

    We have just started school holidays here.. it is so fun trying to entertain 3 kids (aged 8, 8 and 7) when it's humid and everyone is sweating lol for 6 weeks straight.  Thank god for swimming, and air conditioning! image 

  • Eggy - I totally forgot about that..... And I don't know how!! image 

    Weedy- lol, think he's scared I end up off sick this week and we know he doesn't want or need that! Yes I do have a time in mind but given the fact I haven't ran a half in two years and speed is not my strong point...... I think it is probably a dream! image

    Guess what... We have gales....again!! Weather is on your sides and making sure I can't run! image 

    Sounds like everyone is getting their hols to Paris organised! The girls and I arrive 9am on Friday, not sure what We will do as no need for expo! We are going to do the  breakfast run on the Saturday but thats about my  planning......for now! 

  • Kaz - I'm doing the breakfast run too, never been around to do it before but it always sounded fun.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Kaz - Take it easy girl (i know.... pot calling kettle). Rest is key and there's still time for a half and paris image

  • Rach  - make sure that your doctor friend signs and stamps the official health check form for the marathon from the website. Apparently no form, no marathon. Try and book advance tickets for the Tour Eiffel - you'll be queuing forever otherwise.

    I'm a first time marathoner as well. I'm hoping for 4.15ish, but like you say I'll be happy to just get around.

  • Emmy - I ain't running Paris.  The thought of 20 mile runs in gales and torrential rain......can't do it. image

  • RR- I have done it the last two years, and really enjoyed it. Naomi did it with me last time. Really good to loosen the legs of after all the flights from here! 

  • Kaz - You'll be fine for your half. You have the speed. You just need to be fit and healthy. Your training times always seem to be faster than mine and I clocked a 1:43 half before my body started to fall apart.

    RR - It's all about the breakfast run. The marathon is just something you do the day after that!

    Rach - Just make sure you plan the trip to the Expo. It's not in the centre of Paris, so you do need to set aside some time to get out there and back.


  • Eggy - my half PB nearly two years ago is 1.44. Hoping to be fit enough to break that...... image

  • 8 miles tempo run in the dark this morning, even paced 7.15. First official training run done!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Kaz - dont put yourself down. Anything is possible and you are a prime example of what is achievable.

    Jimbob - well done on the training run

    Jo - I'm currently scheduled to be around on 14th Jan. I'll block it in my calendar. Maus/TD - do you fancy a run/dinner? We could do jubelpark?

  • Good morning Emmy, all. Well, good evening to our pals in Oz I guess image

    Jan14th is a Tuesday so it is unlikely that Maus will be over then. But we could do something on the day with Jo I think. Instead of just running around in Jubelpark, why not grab Jo and head out to Chez Stool Pigeons and we go for a run in the forest and i can throw some food together afterwards. Then we can get Jo back into Brussels and you can head for home....? 

    How does that sound to you Jo? How far and how fast are good questions to ask at a planning stage too.

    Am going to go for my first run in 6 weeks in just a few minutes. Am quite excited and a bit apprehensive too.

  • Aaron The red nose runner wrote (see)
    Evening all! Been away a few days enjoying the weekend. A 12 miler tonight with the twin it's so much easier running with him he runs faster than me and is much fitter so when I start to tire I just tuck in behind him for a while and let him pace seems to make it easier and my times are faster!

    Kaz - rest no point making yourself worse then messing up your whole training from what I read you could take a little time off and still peak by Paris.

    Am thinking of booking an apartment for Paris as there could be about 8-9 people with me any one no of any good places like that? Thanks

    Aaron, not sure if anyone replied to you yet but I've booked our apartments through airbnb. Used them before for San Francisco and were really good. Think we're up near Montmartre, in the 8th/17th arrondisements. 

    I'm up for the breakfast run, bit worried I'll knacker my legs out... Aiming to get to the expo on Friday night after arriving in Paris Friday afternoon. Might need some logistical acrobatics to get to the apartment, get food, get out to the expo but will be worth it. 

    TD - good luck with the run! Hope you have a blast (but a nice, gentle, recovery one)


  • Hi Aaron, we also booked our apartment through airbnb and are staying on Avenue des Ternes near the metro in the 17th arrondissement. What started out as me and my running partner has grown to a group of 10; some are booked into 2 hotels nearby and others are also looking at apartments. We also looked at getting a larger apartment and found quite a few, but lots with only one bathroom, or only one bedroom! Cosy! We particularly wanted to walk to the start/finish though, so were a bit restricted in location.

    Some of us are travelling out by Eurostar on Friday morning and then returning Tues, so I aim to get to Expo mid afternoon on Friday.

  • KS - You won't knacker your legs at the breakfast run. It's a very easy paced 5km jog. Plenty of folk stopping for pictures at the tower and lot's of folk carrying flags. It's a good way to loosen the legs up and de-stress before the big race.

  • Thanks Eggy image

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