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  • I'll go where I'm told to go. But there's no discussion about bringing my flagpole.


    I'm guessing by this time of year we might have some people starting to lurk around the edges. Please come and join in the fun. We are a very warm and welcoming group. Especially Leeds Rob.

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    At this rate, ie Paris every year, perhaps just buying an apartment would be cheaper? 

  • Sharing the new pic to wet the appetite  .....




  • I'll be getting an apartment for Paris 2014 as Mrs DV and the kids will be coming with me...   I can't really decide where to look though...  as long as its near a Metro and typically French with little food shops close by I'm not too fussed.   

    Any recommendations for 'nice' parts of Paris..?


  • Hello! Well, you all sound pretty friendly, so I've decided to venture into the world of runners forums.

    I'm a really, really new aspiring marathon runner and need a little help please. I've got a spot in the ballot for London 2014 but I'm well aware how unlikely it is that I'll actually get a place. Is it reasonable to apply for a spot for Paris as a fallback plan? I've found one website that says Paris entries open in September and another that says they're already closed. Very confused here ! 

    To make it slightly more complicated I'm living in Australia and both of these events mean doing big distances through our summer. 

    So, to summarize,

    : when and how do you enter for Paris?

    : how rude is it to enter both London and Paris ? What are the chances of a place in Paris?

    : how stupid is it to train in an Aussie summer? Albeit at 3am to beat the heat.

    :what else do I need to know?

    Please be gentle, don't burst all my bubbles at once

  • Welcome Migrant!

    Were a nice friendly bunch and lots of people here will be able to help you along the way!

    You have more chance of getting a place in Paris than London, Its a first come first served entry system unlike the London Ballot! Entries open for Paris in 3 weeks time. Not rude to enter both, most do! And some even run both! image 

    Not much happening here this morning. Kettlebell session, cycling later. No classes today! Hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to move without the grimace! image

  • Can someone just book me a cheap apartment or whatever I dont have time to look! image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    don't be lazy kaz, get yourself sorted...

    Welcome migrant, best wait and see if you get into London, but Paris is a great backup if not, you can apply shortly after the ballot is announced.


  • Hi there Migrant - welcome aboard. There's usually a 7-8 week window to get into Paris on a first come first served basis. The longer you wait, the more the ticket prices go up. Don't even think about doing both London and Paris back to back, as a newcomer to marathoning. 

    As for summer training, well it's OK if you really do want to get up at that time to beat the heat. Marathon Maus did her first Paris marathon whilst living in Australia. Maybe she has more to say about it. Which bit of Oz do you live in?

    This is a good place to hang around to ask lots of advice about training and running etc. We are a friendly bunch.

    Great day to you all - I think I might take myself out for a little tempo effort at lunchtime.

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    Hi Migrant.

    Paris is often the fallback marathon for people who don't get into London - that's how I ended up doing it image It was also my first - and second - and I'll be doing it again next year. That should tell you a lot.

    As Tricky said, the Price goes up the longer you wait but seeing as you'll be travelling from the Land of Oz that shouldn't bother you.

    I don't think the ballot closed until October last year, so you've got plenty of time to see if you get accepted by London before making up your mind.

    What else do you need to know? Lots. But if you stick around you'll here everything you need to know, plus some things you'll wish you had never heard but can't un-hearimage


    Jimbob - Nice. You're going to need a bigger houseimage

  • Hi there Migrant, welcome to the thread. What they all said - also ATM will probably be around soon - she has an Accumulated File Of Wisdom that she will email to you given half a chance, which tells you all you need to know about the practicalities. I'm not sure, but you may have a slightly better chance in the ballot for London as an overseas applicant, but that might be an urban myth.

    I found a review of the Cumbrae race in 2011. Apparently it's a fast, flat course - at least it would have been, apart from the hurricane-force winds image.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Scott the slightly faster than walking walker wrote (see)

    There is a girls party apartment ???

    and I've not been asked to visit ,,, questions will be asked about this as well image 

    I thought we had already booked you as our male gigalo for the weekend?image

    Migrant wrote (see)



    : how rude is it to enter both London and Paris ? What are the chances of a place in Paris?

    : how stupid is it to train in an Aussie summer? Albeit at 3am to beat the heat.


    Welcome to the forum! You won't find a friendlier bunch :P You're not crazy at all for entering both. Lots of people do it. I did London last year and Paris this year and I definitely preferred Paris over London (but that's my humble opinion).

    We have another aussie on this thread. Jus_T. She did it last year and might be able to provide you some details.

    Weedy - No probs. Glad to be of service. 

    Kaz - What are you looking for and where? image

    Also.. who else got their Berlin confirmation? image image Tres excited this morning!

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    Welcome Migrant,

    3am ! That's Kaz O'Clock time, no wonder she was the first to welcome you.

    You have to sign up to the site, you can do this whenever you want. Inscriptions open the 16th.  It was 65€ for the first batch, then 80€, 95€ and finally 110€.

    JT lives in Oz, she ran Paris last year but not sure if she'll be back over for 2014.  Training didn't appear to be a problem, I think she limited the sightseeing the day before and after, if I remember she sat on an open tour bus.

    I don't what is the opposite of bursting a bubble, because Paris is great and we are fantastic, what more could you want ?

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    Migrant - Welcome to the thread. For Paris unlike London it's not a ballot. Works on a first come first served basis with the entries for next years race opening on September 16th. It normally takes a few weeks to sell out.

    Running Rodent wrote (see)

    I found a review of the Cumbrae race in 2011. Apparently it's a fast, flat course - at least it would have been, apart from the hurricane-force winds image.

    If it's windy there will be nowhere to hide over there. It could also make the short ferry ride from Largs "interesting"! image


  • Emmy - Some where cheap, and on a direct metro line to the start. There will be just me so it doesn't have to be anything amazing! 

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Kaz - The Ibis does some room rate offers that you can cancel if you see an apartment you'd rather stay in.

  • I did wonder that Eggy indeed! If I spent more time doing constructive things I would manage better!! image

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Emmy - I got my Berlin info image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Ok - let me see what i can find you. How many people are you?

  • Hi Migrant - 3am? Ouch. When you come over, can you pop Jus T in your suitcase and bring her with you? She won't take up much space, honest.

  • welcome on board Migrant , you've picked the right people and the right forum to advise on everything Paris or marathon related ,, stick around even if you get accepted for the London ballot , 

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    Welcome Migrant - you'll learn plenty here from all these folks.  Training through the summer may offer an advantage, as when you run in the cooler Paris weather you'll perform much better, find it much easier.

  • Hello again. I did the same 12k course this lunchtime as last week (which was my first proper tempo run in maybe a year). I pushed it hard and knocked 43secs off for the 8k tempo part, completing it in 33:02. A reasonable improvement. Having that 'stretched lungs' feeling is tremendous.


  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Tricky - you're on fire again

  • Hi, Migrant. Welcome to the Thread. +1 for what's been said, already.image

  • Gee guys, what a lovely welcome!! THANK YOU!!!!

    The people at VLM tell me I have a 1:5chance of a place which costs 80quid whereas British entrants have a 1:6 chance. Just for your interest. 

    At the moment it's London that I really want to run so if I don't get that I'm thinking I'll maybe save my cash and try to get in the ballot for New York.  The New York marathon is the other one I'm itching to do.  Why do I always pick the ones with over subscribed ballots??!! 

    Of course, if I don't get either race I'll still keep training and just do the local marathon being held the day after London.  That one has no ballot, costs almost nothing, does not require three weeks off work and thus, gets husbands vote hands down! 

  • Sorry, forgot to say, I'm in Western Australia now. Means that running London or Paris will cost me around 15000 pounds!! OuchI 

    Maybe it's just as well I'm so slow- at least I get value for money!!!

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    Migrant - Send us £5000, we'll run it for you and you'll save yourself lots of time and money.

    Emmy - Do you have any Marathons end of November/early December which aren't already on the list ?  Still the holidays in France but the organisators for my marathon are playing dead, it seems only 250 lonely souls run 2 laps in the wilderness.  The Egnima would have been perfect but they're full. Could bother TJB but Valencia is an complicated option. At the moment I'm just looking for a back up plan.

  • Accomodation booked! Cheaper than cheap but also with the possibility with taking the girls............Friday until the Monday. If I do take them its a very expensive weekend awayimage

  • PC- Are you interested in the  Half as a warm-up for anything?

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