Paris Marathon 2014



  • Jesus have obviously missed the first batch so Euros 85 now bib Green 40429 - DV are you the list fairy this year?  Didnt take long to log on when I got home.

    Wordslinger - good to see you here Mr.

    Hotels - thinking about Hotel Astrid any thoughts anyone?

    Young Master NGUG's comments oh good we are going to Paris - do I have to watch its really boring - can I bring a friend? Make me a hot chocolate...

    New PT for me teaching me how to breathe from my diaphram to give me more lung capacity - interesting.. food, sleep, exercise diary done for over 2 weeks interesting.. definite pattern there..

    yer_maj - okay thats fine you will probaby be far ahead of me when you have your Paula moment..

    ATM - thanks for the tip on FB changed my email address and re-registered with ASO that worked re forgetting my password

  • Hello again everyone! I was in two minds about doing this once more but I'm home recovering from a broken collar bone, getting fat, bemoaning the fact I've missed all the races I was going to do this autumn and boredom kicked in so......

    I'm in image

    Bleu 16332

  • NGUG...   I only took over from you last year because of the sad personal situation at the time...   I'm happy to do it again...   but if you'd like to do this year that is absolutely fine by me...   please do it if you would like to.


  • Good lad Ward.  And yes, you're getting proper lardy.  FFS. image

    Amused at how many people's trigger fingers just couldn't resist, come the day....

  • I shall mainly be driving down with my big flagpole to cheer you all on*. I am not in, I AM ALL IN


    *Except OO - he'll be too quick for me to see him anywhere on the course. He is our very own Alf Tupper.

  • Welcome everybody! Lovely to see some new faces popping up.

    Finally got in paying 85 euros after registration panic was interrupted by a tourist trip to Chatsworth House with Mama and Papa Maus.

    DV: I'm 52193. Grey pen.

    After a 13km run with TD this morning, where I had to stop twice because I felt so dizzy, I'm not feeling tremendously confident in my capabilities at the moment. Between that and an oddly high heart rate, sports doctor's appointment has been made for Doctor to check everything is OK.

  • Great pic orbutt...I got goose bumps! I am sooo excited to be going to Paris!

  • MM  I'm grey also 52163. Good luck at the doctor hope alls well. Ogechi and classical diva we will be close by, I think I should have been pink but alas...

    yer maj... I'm taking my remainiholiday after the marathon and going home with you you absolutely crack me up!! 

    dannirr thanks for soldiering on for us this afternoon you rock!

  • Hello all

    Introductions (because as I don't think it should just be the new arrivals doing it)...

    I'm Weedy, live in North-East. I'm having a mid-life crisis according to Radar Sal, but I've yet to succumb to buying a sports car. Probably because I spend all my money on entering races.

    Third time round for Paris for me. Currently on the injury bench with an iffy foot, but hoping to be back running this week. Need all the training I can get as I've foolishly offered to give Helter Skelter a piggyback for the last 26.1 miles of the course.

    I'm kind of like a thread social secretary in that I keep a list of what races everyone's doing and post it every Monday. If you want anything adding to it, just post the details here and I'll pick it up. Oh, and there's a hidden film quiz in there.

  • Yippee!

    Intro from me:

    I'm Suze, I live in Norwich. I'm all over the place at the moment because me and Mr KS get MARRIED on Saturday! Yay! We're then off to San Francisco for our honeymoon on Monday.

    I've done three marathons including Paris last year, which was brilliant and I got my current PB AND managed to run the whole way too. I'm in the sub 4 or die club and am hoping you lovely people can give me some tips on how to take 22 minutes off my PB by April next year...

    Oh, and I've recruited at least one person to the marathon this year as well. He doesn't internet very much but I'll bet he'll be down for pasta the night before.

  • Maus, how are you feeling - have you seen the sport doctor yet?

    That reminds me, on the relay my heart rate dropped after the first couple of miles to about 25bpm. I'm pretty fit but I'm not that fit - is there something wrong with the hrm, or is it me?

  • hello weedy ,,, hello newbies

    im scott ,part of the caledonia massive ,, scottish runners mainly but we accept anybody ,

    for the newbies ,,,,, 

    about this time last year i said my first nervous hellos to a group of people who all seemed to be best friends ,, i felt i didnt belong  ,, but i kept at it , i got involved  , i asked questions , i took advice , i wormed my way into their affections like a scabby orphan ,, and now i feel at home ,, i can come in ,, grab a beer from the fridge , put my feet up and relax

    between now and the marathon , stick with us ,, tell us your stories , share any doubts and injury concerns you have , we,ll help you ,, cajoule you , guide you and even carry you every step of the course ,,,,,, not me personally , but someone will carry you over it

  • and im in again,,,,, vert 40742

     i was 40 747 last time ,,ive  moved up 5 places

  • Thanks everyone, for being so welcoming! I followed Hal Higdon's Novice 2 to train for VLM, but would love to know if any of you swear by particular training programmes? I got on well with Hal's approach, but would like to shave 16 mins off my PB and go sub-4 in Paris if I can, so maybe following the exact same programme isn't the best plan?

  • welcome harriet ,,

    keep with us and well done for making that first step off the cliff that is marathon running ,, you might think your falling alone ,, but we,re all here to catch you if you fall ,and help you back on course again

  • Hi guys...I'm yer_maj, I live in Cardiff and until today I was the sole representative of the Motherland...I barge my way into the Caledonian Massive more often than they might like as I'm half Scottish.

    Paris was my first marathon in 2012, 2014 will be my third time and it's Sub 4 or Die for me...I met some of this lot in 2012....some more of them this year and now I can't go anywhere else because they've brainwashed me.

  • Emma - how much running do you do, what sort of structure does your week have?  The reason I ask is quite a few of us use what you'll hear us refer to as P&D - Pfitzinger & Douglas.  They have written a book called Advanced Marathonming (don't let the title put you off, I have read it and understood it so you'll be grand) but they have great training programmes.  They're demanding though, so it does depend on what you're looking for

  • Welcome Everyone. Pull up a chair and prepare to make yourselves at home! Paris 2014 will be No.3 Paris for me, and it is simply because of the wonderful folk, that you will make friends with in this forum, that I keep going back. They are all full of excellent advice and will help, motivate and encourage you on the road to Paris. 

    I am Karen, from Orkney.......and like Weedy I am having a mid-life crisis. I keep entering marathons too and doing other mad things......Paris 2014 will be my 6th Marathon hopefullly, and my aim is as ever to get to the start and finish in one piece - which is a big battle with me!! Heres hoping the road to Paris 2014 will be less eventful than 2013!! image

  • 26278 - purple.

    I need my head examined but to the best of my knowledge I'm not having a mid life crisis. Of course, I could be wrong about that.

    This will be my fifth marathon and I think I'm more scared about this than any of the others!

    PS Caledonia all the way. Go team go. Etc.

  • the purple pen is going to be rocking this year... image

  • Hee hee hee, loving all the polite introductions from those I know are batshit crazy. It's how we roll here in the paris forum. Lots of love and madness. It's brilliant!!!! Oh yeah, there's a bit of advice around too. For the non running stuff msg atm for race stuff, me for your supporter guide and marathon maus for accommodation. We're not organised enough to put them altogether. For everything and anything actually running related just ask! We love helping out with advice...some useful, some that will raise a smileimage

    Me...London kiwi. Never thought I'd do the same marathon twice.  Next year will be #3 and it's all down to this place. Get ready for 6mths of sweaty, slightly inappropriate but always warm hugs.

  • OK, 52142 in Grey.

    My brief intro:  Paris 2014 will be mara number 7 or 8, excluding my DNF in Paris earlier this year. Live in Atlanta, USA. Paris 2012 was my 2nd marathon and I LOVED it. Got a Fall marathon coming up in a month, then the Disney Dopey Challenge in January, then maybe Big Sur in California (entered, undecided), then Paris (Yay!) and then London the next week and then Comrades in June.   Now that I've typed all that out, I think I must be mad and might have to reconsider - I'm not Emmy!  (although I kinda wish I was).   Best part of the Paris Marathon?  This thread and these people, for sure.


  • *slightly* inappropriate, you say?

  • Bib number 38436 in green.

    Living and working in London and Paris will be my third marathon. Husband will be running too but he is much faster than me. I would love to run sub-4 one day but I don't know if I'm there yet so I don't think I'll stick my hand up for sub-4 or die quite yet... Will have a better idea of my goal after I run my second marathon in Amsterdam in 5 weeks(!) Following Hal Higdon's intermediate 1 plan for Amsterdam and it's going well so far.  Really looking forward to hear about other people's training plans and any tips. Likely to have a lot of questions, especially on pacing, can't seem to get that right. 

    Thanks for being so welcoming to newbies image

  • yer_maj, I'm doing an average of 3-4 runs a week at the moment, probably covering a total distance of around 40K a week. On varying terrain, some in hilly Surrey countryside near where I work, some on road in South London where I live. But all are at the same sort of pace as I am plagued by stitches and find that I have to keep my pace steady to avoid them... I guess I'm also a scaredy cat when it comes to that horrible feeling of being spent, too early on in a run!! I am definitely going to look up those P&D guys, thanks for the recommendation, will no doubt be asking plenty of Qs about it once I've had a read... image

  • Maus - about that know my bias given the work that I do, but with TD's legendary abiities, and your undeniable loveliness, there are other possibilities that need to be considered....

  • Howdy All - and welcome to the best thread on the web. This place is so friendly, Disney takes tips from us - but they do frown a bit at some of the innuendo image

    This will be my 3rd Paris  and to me, the race itself is only part of the fun. Meeting up with the folks from this thread is the real highlight.

    I'd like to say I was having a mid life crisis but that would mean I was going to live to be over 100 image

    I live on the Wirral and I am also part of the Sub4 or Die posse, although this means I need to improve my PB by 30 minutes. I'm hoping to make a dent in that when I run Berlin on the 29th  - with some of the regulars from here.

    As a bit of a joke, I finished a race with my hands over my head in a big O and named it the OrBot. The thread took this to their heart and last year a large number of them finished the race with an OrBot. What an honour. 


  • Hello, I'm Rob.  

    There's a good deal of juvenille frivolity and smutty inuendo goes on around here and I'd like to make it clear that I take no part in it.

    Next year will be my 4th Paris marathon and 5th overall.  It's a great course with fantastic caeraderie from the thread.  I was injured this year but went along anyway to support and had a ball all the same.

    I'm not part of the Caledonian massive but as a northerner they are almost kin to me.  We each share a love of root vegetables, black pudding and beer that isn't flat.

    +1 for P&D Great book, great programmes, and they can be adapted for any level of training.

  • Radar Sal - we are all very polite on this thread (compared to some!!). 

    DV - will PM you..

    My intro is that I have been here since 2008 - I ran Paris for the first time in 2009 and have been here ever since.  Ran both VLM and Paris within a week of each other in 2009.. wont do that again.. Ran Paris 2010 and 2011 - hip operation in 2010 knocked me out for almost a year was on crutches really not right for a whole year .. last year a bit of a sad one but hey I am here again and up for a sub-4 marathon... can't actually see me being in the purple pen (they were actually a bit scary when I was there in 2010) for a bit need to lose a bit of weight and focus a bit..



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