Paris Marathon 2014



  • First Marathon, First Post. Signed up today (for the marathon and RW forum).

    Bib number: 27359 Colour: Don't know but its the 3h45 pen.

    I'm 23 and an MSc student. Find me running around the North of Manchester area (Rammy/Bury). Set myself a tough time but achievable (hopefully...)

    Currently looking for accom/flights as I can't sleep! Any tips on hotels/areas to stay? Cheers!
  • Seriously what is the point of me setting the alarm and waking up at the crack of dawn if I'm not going to actually get out of bed??

    For newbs to the thread crack of dawn is also known as kaz o'clock or KOC due to a certain threadee who feels no need for sleep and has normally run a good 20 miles by now, done all the housework and taken the dog for a walk...

    Big hellos to everyone new to the thread, please stick around but be prepared to be led astray! You'll enjoy it though, and it won't hurt.Much. 

    Maus I hope the doctor can put any fears to rest. Look after yourself. 

  • I know that lass really p******S me off HS image

    No run here this morning, still blowing a hoolie and torrential rain, so treddie intervals planned for laterimageimage 

  • I think that's partly why I've been hiding I under the duvet for the past hour, all I bacon hear is the wind and the rain. I can't run on a treadie at all though so i'll just have to go out after work no matter what. How long are you doing?

  • Manfred wrote (see)
    . Find me running around the North of Manchester area (Rammy/Bury). 

    Is that Ramsbottom - famed for Jane Horrocks and Britain's last remaining temperance pub?


    helterskelter wrote (see)

    I think that's partly why I've been hiding I under the duvet for the past hour, all I bacon hear is the wind and the rain. 

    If that wasn't a Freudian typo I don't know what is!

  • Manfred...Relax.I m sending you  the allyouneedtoknow files...and will be round the night before to check your num ber is on straight.....

  • Just caught up and will now be late for work. Thanks.

    I'll be back later with my intro. And welcome to all the new folk.

  • HS - It will no be a lot.......maybe 3 x 2k at as fast as I can manage withoutimage Luckily for me it my day off and I do not have to brave the weather except to walk the dog! Were you hungry when writing your last post!! image

  • ATM - it'll be Maus and her super high HR checking for Number Straightness.  You're on Teeth next year.  Oh we do love a bit of OCD on this thread.

    Ward - can I just say that your totoally effortless, done no training sub 4 still pisses me off? image

    I'm suffering from a very severe case of CBA this week.  My psoas is twinging away again so I skipped the intervals yesterday but as I am less then 3 weeks out from a HM I should get my arse out for my tempo run this morning....image

  • Welcome to all the newbies.

    I'm DV.  Along with ATM, I've been here a very long time.  I think I did Paris for the first time in 2004 or 2005 and have only missed one or two since then.  I've been through a triathlon phase but now just run ultras when I feel like it.  I have a rather unorthodox approach to it all and I just do it for fun rather than watching the clock.  I love the social element and meeting people and supporting others through their personal challenges.   This is a very friendly and inclusive thread.  The best on RW.  


  • I did think FFS when I read your post tooo Ward! Spat oot my dummy and stamped my feet...........its simply not fair! image

  • Morning all. Crikey, keeping up with the thread's going to be a challenge in itself, isn't it?

    I'm with the dummy-spitting-brigade, Ward. Play fair!

    I'll be running the marathon with four friends, none of whom are on the Forums, as far as I know. Two are sub-four or die, one will be pleased to finish, and one is, I think, hoping for 3.30. Will be taking myself off for a 3-4 miler at lunchtime today, and running the 11 miles to work tomorrow. I'm aiming to be back running 15 miles+ comfortably by the end of October.

    Hope you all have a splendid day.



  • Lol Kaz - I think Ward should be renamed Jammy Ward...

    DV - can I leave the fairly listing to you this year again you did a sterling job last year...

    Weedy - lovely list you have there could you add in 23rd March 2014 Brentwood Half Marathon for me..

    PT session for me today looks like more balancing on swiss balls and running up steep treadies for me joy of joys..

    RR - well done on Boston amazing stuff!!!imageimage

  • PT's love Swiss ball NGUG!! image 

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    Welcome Newbies,

    Paris 2013 was my first marathon and I'm the lazy one of the bunch. The others are being modest, they are a great bunch of people. You can get advice from the colour of socks to serious injuries.  The thread moves very quickly, if you miss a few pages, it doesn't matter, jump back in.  Sometimes there are 'in' jokes, rude comments, and totally miscallenous subjects, but don't worry you'll get used to it. It's surprising what you can get use to !

    Last year we were 70 on the starting line, many met up for the pre-race pasta party, some made it to the pub afterwards.  All had a great time.

  • I really should blow up my Swiss Ball and get a grip on core work.  Weedy will be along in a minute to make some comment about Swiss Tony and balls, no doubt....

    New guys - it's not permanently as busy as this, we're a bit over excited just now as registration has opened.  It'll simmer down a wee bit then until we start training.  The tireder we get, the less we post....then just as we're about to gasp our last, Taper starts.....

  • Right then. Now I've entered I need to do this running thingy. Off out on my little 5k route. Gotta start somewhere!


  • yer_ma/kazj - the word core does seem to be cropping up alot with this PT - the swiss ball he uses is quite interesting has knobbles all over it... whoops open invitation to Weedy there... also using a rumble roller which I am finding quite difficult to get on with ended up with bruises all down my leg from it.. its on this website so I guess it must be supposed to do you some good.. image

  • Morning everyone.

    Bib: 26696 (Purple)

    I'm Eggy from just outside Glasgow and I have an addiction to entering races online and then having a nervous breakdown about the training....oh sorry wrong meeting. Paris 2014 will be the third year in a row in Paris for me and marathon number 12 overall. For all you sub-4 or die people I can happily tell you Paris 2012 was my first (and so far only) sub-4 when I somehow managed a 3:49!

    It's a great race in a wonderful city, but what really makes this event is the people. That's the very reason I've signed up again. It's terms of help, socialising and getting each other through the good and the bad of marathon training with plenty of laughs along the way you really won't meet a nicer bunch of people. In fact if our chart loving Tricky Dicky hadn't diverted me in this direction a couple of years ago I'd probably still be chasing that sub-4.

    No matter how fast or slow you are people will be more than happy to give you advice on anything you can think of and more than a few things you'd never have thought about! And for all you first timers there will be plenty of people around to help calm those pre-race nerves.

  • NGUG - I've been after getting a rumble roller for a while now....just *exactly* how much more brutal is it compared to OROD*?


    *For newcomers, OROD is the Orange Roller Of Doom aka a Triggerpoint Grid roller...


  • I am thinking that I'm too cautious. I spent years trying not to take up running ('it will be bad for my back' - it wasn't) then not running my local half ('I can't do that' - I could). Now I am trying hard not to want to run a marathon (so many reasons) but however hard I look away a chunk of brain is obsessed with the idea. That chunk is thinking Paris 2015 (cautiously). So I may be stalking this thread for some time as a kind of pre-training prep. Just letting you know I'm out there.

  • It is evil yer_maj pure evil much worse than the OROD IMO.. I have all down one leg a row of bruises where I used it - I am going to check with the PT whether this is normal.. wondering if its  one of those things where you toughen up the more you use it i.e. its supposed to be quite this painful image 

  • NGUG - sounds perfect.  I'm away to order me oneimage

    Benignmurmurring (bloody hell that's hard to type!) - I did exactly that - lurked in here when they were all running the 2011 marathon then jumped in and signed up for 2012.

    BUT....really, you need to do 2014.  If you can run a HM then you have 7 months to train for a marathon.  You know you want to.....

  • I didn't receive an email with my bib number, looked on my account and its rouge 3537, did I really put a target time of 3 hrs image

  • Sorry NGUG, but that just doesnt sound right! Core is the basis of everything! I think I shout about engaging core in my sleep nowadays! It should be engaged throughout ALL exercise not just core work! image And you ladies should be getting core exercises involved in other exercise too!image ( I am feeling deprived today......)

  • benignmurmurring - throw caution to the wind and Euros at the PC. Get in for Paris 2014. You'll love it.

    Ward image

  • benignmurmurring, if you've done a Half, is it really not on for 2014? You can't possibly be older/unfitter/with a longer past- as -a -sloth than some of us( well, me...) were/are at this stage? What's stopping you ?

    Not that running Paris is any kind of requirement to hang around here...It's not.There are plenty of people on the thread running other races or just scheming and dreaming. So, you're very welcome. But give us an inch and we'll persuade you that since the goal at this stage  is, as always, to be on the Start line uninjured and ready to go.....Eat beans for a month and spend the 85E on Registering.It will give you such an incentive to eat well and train over the next few months image You can always morph into a volunteer....a great experience in itself and the route to a ..err...lovely anorak and matching baseball cap...

  • yer_maj - I have the travel size one which is quite small but still very effective with the joy of being able to take it away wherever you go suitcase size.

    Lorry Dodger image blimey thats fast..

  • Eat Well...............image

  • Plank! I can confirm that I feel much stronger running since I started core work and have more stability in my dodgy knees too. Rumble roller is on my wish list too. Love my foam roller but it's just not hardcore enough now I've got used to the pain!  

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