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  • Emmy - when said friend described how he did his pole dancing "just for the ladies"... Was it to win their admiration? Was it to show them how to do it properly? Was it done to inspire them to consider it as a legitimate form of exercise from which they could also benefit? If I did it, it would just be to make Maus laugh at me. 


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    TD - They did it as legitimate exercise. They had huge arms as a result. They'd help out the girls in the class with doing some of the moves and basically touched their ass. I think we should organise a thread pole dancing class. Emma - what do you think?

    PC - Batgirl wouldnt be allowed on RW image

  • Haha Emmy I'm well up for that!image  You all own hotpants right?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Scott still has my pair...image

  • If I'm going to do pole dancing - as a legitimate form of exercise - I insist on doing it in big Y-fronts and I'm not shaving my legs for no-one. Forget hotpants. Just too restrictive. AND only one person from this thread could be present.... (and I don't man "at a time"?!).


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    Thanks for the info ATM
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    TD - I'm saying that drinking water simultaneously (or immedietly after) gels is not needed in order for you to absorb the carbs in the gel.  You will absorb.  They are simple sugars.  Think about plain old table sugar, or a chocolate bar - you absorb that stuff just fine without additional water.  Carbs are stored with associated water - that's true, but there's plenty enough liquid in your gut anyway for absorption to occur.  Now, mixing a gel with water, or drinking that additional water with the gel will make it more tolerable for some people and in that way let them get in more carbs than they otherwise would - which is why the elites drink their carbs rather than eat them. Butof course they have the choice of what they drink, where they drink it and dont have to fight a crowd to get it.  There's nothing wrong in drinking water with a gel - just that you dont absolutely have to.

    Eggy - if you are interested, I have a bib for Chicago next weekend I'm not using.....

  • For anyone who question's the awesomeness of pole, I'll just leave this here...image



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    Emma - I'm a bit scary in hotpants



  • Did you have to repost that photo Orbutt? I'll need to start another course of councelling.

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    Are we reposting images for new forumites to be fully exposed to?image

    Orbutt - as always - you are a trend setter.

    Emma - i cant click on that link on my ipad. The forum is thay bad... image

    Wheres weedy? I knows he around... cooeee....

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    Sorry guys - forgot about the mental trauma

    To make amends - her is the Pole Dancing link

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    That should say 'here' but I can't find the edit button any more ?

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    Orbutt - i love it... dont stop posting pictures!

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    Ooh. I like any video which gives an 18+ warning.

  • Thanks Orbutt, and everyone else. I'm suffering with lower back pain at the moment which is hampering me and had to withdraw from RPF London this weekend and Birmingham in a couple of weeks. Hoping to get back on the road for the Great south in my home town of Prots mouth. Hate not being able to run, it's part of me now image

  • That was meant to say Portsmouth 

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    Amazing but was track easier than the previous run on road? Might be swings and roundabouts - track being a bit boring vs road having inclines and declines
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    Andy - either way, to run at that pace for 100 miles is incredible.  I'd lie just a few miles like that!

  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭
    Yes I know a pace I could only keep for 3 miles max
  • Seriously, he ran the LAST 26 miles in 3:10image?

    Good luck to everyone racing or recovering from the lurgy this weekend. I'm doing my first ever trail half. I was supposed to be supporting a friend who was doing the full distance, but she's injured, so I'm treating it as nice jog in the woods. I'm also going to try out my Dirty Girl gaiters for the first time (go on, google them, I dare you image ).

  • Rodent - I hope you have gator or leopard print ones 

  • Steve ayling - 'clean' leeds rob is doing that too. Msg him.

    Rodent - trail half you say?

  • Slinkz - er, no - Shaggadelic Blue image. They go with my trail shoes. 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    RR - have a great one! Where is it?

    For the 'newbies' on the thread I wanted to tell you why I love this thread so much. Last Sunday I was in a bad mood for the first 8km after being knocked over and feeling like sub 4 was out of my reach... then I saw Orbutt in the crowd and we ran together. We started talking (as i tend to do during races) and he picked me up from my angry place and made me smile and reevaluate the race. Throughout this race - I met several friends I knew and the ones that gave me the most encouragement to keep going? The ones from this thread. Even those who were not there - were sending their support via facebook/text messages and I felt like I had the entire world behind me. Supporting me in every step. I may have run sub 4 but I wouldnt have run it without these guys. This is my favourite picture from last weekends race.



  • Hey Rodent..  have fun on the trail.   A word of advice about the dirty girl gaitors.   I tried those but they didn't seem to me to be reliable enough and lacked protection when wet.   So..   I went to Millets and bought some Berghaus gaitors that are really designed for ramblers.   Much more hard-wearing and they seem to be proeprly mud, stone and waterproof.  I'd totally recommend them.  The straps are adjustable and they zip up from the back.  Left foot and right foot are shaped separately.   Just a suggestion if the dirty girls don't work for you.



  • Everyone needs an Orbutt to run with image

    How's the virus Emmy, Kaz? And the toe Trev?

    Crikey, we're busy this weekend. Good luck to Engineer in Lanzarote, Run Rich Run in Rivington, Zeena in Bournemouth, Emmy (if you're still doing it) and TD in Brussels, Yer Maj and Wordslinger in Cardiff, RaRa in Chester, RR and her shaggadelic gaiters in Clarendon, TP in Vaucresson, Eggy, HS, Scott, Mac and Wohlf at the GSR, and Carl D, Jimbob's Mate Dan and Aaron at the Royal Parks Half.

  • I think Jim's pestering everyone that's not already on DV's list: put me down 26240, purple pen. fark!

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