Good ASICS shoe for low arch/ overpronation?

I have very flat feet & I am guessing overpronate, as a result. I have always bought ASICS and done very well with them supporting my feet, but my last pair (newest Gel Frantic), wore down and its time for a shoe that will give me more arch support because I actually injured my foot from my work shoes not having enough support.


I really need help on which ASICS to chose. I have narrowed it down to the overpronation control shoes:


GT 1000 or GT 2000



GEL- NEO033 2

GEL DS Trainer



The Gel-KAYANO is most expensive, but not necessarily best.... did any of these work exceptionally well or not for anyone? Any suggestions on which are worth it or ones that are not? Or even one not on here..?


  • As you are guessing you overpronate it may pay you to get your style analysed in a specialist running store and then you can more than likely try most if not all the shoes you mention if they do indeed suit your needs.More likely to be better advice than anyone on here can give you but my own experience is only with the ds trainer( 17 incarnation) which I really liked.

    The 18's I couldn't get on with and so again went for specialist analysis and swapped to a Nike shoe so don't necessarily restrict to a tried and trusted brand.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Well, as Lee suggests, better to get a proper analysis than guess. Most people over pronate to some degree. I am a mild over pronator so have been with the GT series a while.

    I recently got the 2000's and for me they are superb, so good, 2 weeks later i bought a second pair. They have been made slightly narrower than the 2170's and fit me like a glove and i picked them up from cheap. They were 69.99 but there is always a voucher coe somewhere for 10 or 15% off as well.

    But, i have a gait analysis don every 12 months or so, so know exactly what should suit me.

  • You don't mention your weight which could have a major bearing on which shoe to use.

    A couple of those, (DS and Noosa) are lightweight shoes so may not be suitable.

    Another shoe to think about is the Gel-Evolution. 

    Best advice though is to get to a "Proper" running shop for advice.

    Do not go to JJB or other High St store

  • +1 for asics 2000


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Any ASICS will do.

    Just change the standard 'inner liner' for a version with an arch support from a running shop.

  • I've run in the old gel 1000s (precurser to the GT1000) and currently ds trainer and would recommend both.

    BUT they are very different shoes - as are most of the others on that list. As well as getting you gait analysed and trying a few pair on, you need to consider what you want them for. Do you want a lightweight racer, a high mileage shoe low drop or a basic workhorse?
  • GT 1000 or GT 2000 - The 2000 is more supportive than the 1000

    GEL-EXALT - Cheaper shoe (not nec. bad)

    GEL-NOOSA TRI 8 - lightweight, low-profile

    GEL- NEO033 2 - Not a support shoe at all - minimalist

    GEL DS Trainer - another lightweight, less-supportive shoe

    & GEL-KAYANO 19 - MUCH less supportive than previous Kayanos.


    I would seriously consider other brands - they are all of comparable quality, but without Asics' high prices (they are fashiobable at the moment).  Get a gait analysis and go with the experts' advice.  Nobody here can recommend a brand or model - they've never seen you run.

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    Asics do seem to be very expensive. Im not really sure what they offer to justify the price premium.
  • If you like Asics then we suggest that sticking with a brand you have found to be comfortable can be a good idea. But they don't really do high levels of support in their shoes if you really are over-pronating a lot. I suggest looking at the Asics GT 2000 but comparing that to the Brooks Adrenaline GTS which is an equivalent best-selling comfy shoe but the medial post is bigger and possibly better for you:

  • Also-ranAlso-ran ✭✭✭

    I have DS Trainer 17/18, GT1000 / 1170, 2000, Kayano. Don't really notice much difference, but I am quite light with some overpronation, mostly on my left. They are all good for me, and I just pick them up for £40 - £50 when I see them on offer, although recently spent £80 on Kayanos to try on  long runs. I use the DS for intervals /10k races, although for a light shoe they are reasonably well cushioned With some support.

    I've stuck with Asics as they last so well for me. I keep thinking I should retire my 1170s as they are way past 800 miles, yet seem as comfy and supportive as when I bought them for £40.

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