Disaster - not diaster, sorry

Too distraught to spell correctly in my first attempt. I would appreciate any reponses from others who've prepared well for a big race, become unwell and had to pull out.


  • Sorry, no answer to your question, just glad you corrected the spelling error, because I had no idea what "diaster" was!
  • My wife went down with some kind of stomach bug on the friday before the London Marathon in 2000, everything she ate or drank reappeared very soon afterwards.
    She was in brilliant shape, having trained well, and was (in my biased opinion)going to run her first sub 3-hour marathon.
    We tried all sorts, but on the day she was just too weak.
    She was adamant that she wanted to start with the elite / championship women, but when I caught up with her at 11 miles she was reduced to sitting by the road.
    She hasn't run a marathon since - We've both discovered that Ironman Triathlons are more of a challenge !
  • Yea C.I. - I'm in total agreement! But of course she has run a marathon - at the end of the Ironman! And that's much harder. My first Ironman was the longest day of my competitive life. The 2nd was disastrous - I was ill during the swim! But I'm planning to start training around Christmas for number 3.
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