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Hi there I recently became a dad and am trying to find ways to inncorporate my running into my now very busy lifestyle. I'm trying out running to and from work, obviously this means carrying a rucksack with my work gear init.

Just wondering if anyone had any tips/advice and whether anyone knows the what the effect of the increased effort in suddenly with a rucksack - I've found the first couple of runs really really tough.



  • Keep the pack as light as possible. Leave your shoes in work if you can.
  • I am lucky as we have a locker room with showers at work.  I take stuff in every now and again so I can run (6 miles with ferry) or bike (10 miles).  Cycling with a bag is a little easier to preposition kit. 

    Make sure bag fits snuggly and isn't moving too much.

  • I run to work but not every day, only about 2x a week. Then I just take in what I need the day before and leave it there. Not yet progressed to running with a backpack

  • Your kit may well stink a bit if it's been in your bag all day so you could take another bag (I use a shopping bag from the supermarket) to put my wet clothes in and then put that bag in my main bag. Stops your main bag from smelling so bad

  • Thanks folks - has anyone else found running with the pack really ups the exertion? I've found it really tough and have even walked on one or two occasions but find I can still do the same distance without the pack fine.

  • Its a bit tougher obviously - but we have showers and lockers at work so all I take in my pack is a change of clothes . I'd not worry about walking a bit - you'll get used to it in time.
  • If you are carrying a laptop, I'd recommend you get a solid state disk. You'll stuff the hard disk up eventually by running.
  • Hi Kenny

    when my son was born I did exactly the same as you.  I was lucky enough to get a locker at work and access to a shower too. I did manage to leave towel, suits and shoes in the locker and only carry undies socks and clean shirt in the rucksack. 


    As I did this every day I got very fit too image

  • Take your clothes to work the day before if you aren't running every day, - then a small ultra sac with just water, phone, clothing/ headtorch for change in conditions, and your keys is all you need. I do this about once a week, - it is a great feeling knowing you've achieved something before the day's work has begun, as you've already done a few miles.

    I sometimes drive to work, run home, then run aback the next day, to avoid 2 runs on the sme day- means I don't have the car for the evening though..........requires a bit more planing ( and a secure car park at work!)

  • If you can't leave a car at work then why not buy a cheap bicycle.

    The main thing is to leave as much as possible at work. If you have to take a laptop with you then try and get a spare battery pack as this would reduce a fare amount of weight.

  • I drive in on monday, leave my clean suits/shirts/shoes there and take used shirts etc home.  This means I only need to carry wallet, keys, pass etc.  I avoid carrying laptop by using dropbox/google drive to drop any files I need access too from home.

  • I do not think I could do this without a shower at work. I have had problems when running with a rucksack to work; I think because I carry very little, the straps rub on my neck. I have solved this with a buff but I feel a bit of a fool in hot weather wearing one! But otherwise people think I have a rash!

    When starting off I would suggest doing it once a week and then increasing the number of days. Deciding which day using the BBC 5 day forecast. If you find your motivation slipping decide if you are running the night before, not first thing when you are in a warm comfortable bed and it is cold outside!


  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭

    Get yourself one of those space saver towels (don't know the technical name)...  I got one from an outdoor shop (don't remember which one) and it was about the size of the palm of my hand...  Also, use hair and body wash (saves having two bottles); get a small plastic bottle to decant it into.

  • If you do need to carry anything more than a pair of socks a good rucksack is essential, currently running to work prettymuch every day with papers/books/laptop and clothes with an OMM classic 25l pack which works perfectly. Running with a pack is of course a bit slower (especially on the hills) but once you're used to it shouldn't make more than 30s/mile difference for the same effort.

    Quite lucky to have a canteen serving rather nice breakfast at work as well as a good shower room so makes it easier at that end, and it's very good way of getting base miles in - would be harder to fit in speedwork with a rucksack.

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