Charity Run

Has anyone here ever set up their own charity run, im wanting to do notts to skeg run either next year or the year after for charity but have no idea where to even start any help would be amazing


  • are you planning on just doing it yourself ....or are you planning on organising it so that others can take part as well.........

    the two things are very different

  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭

    I'm sure there'll be good advice from others to follow...  But you could try contacting your local running club as I'm sure they'd have experience of organising events.

  • im looking to do this myself, and thanks TD i'll ask around there

  • IF its just for yourself then that makes things easier........chose the charity that you want to raise the money them for advice....then organise the run and your support.....and then ask people to sponsor you.....

    the only difficulty is if you are one of those charity runners that wants to take their expenses out of the donations......once again you would have to speak to the organisers and also you have to inform all people that are going to donate that you intend to get you expenses paid out of their donation to the charity

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    You can use the Just Giving website for donations and that'll make it very easy for people to sponsor you online.

  • Thanks for the help image

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