Well done Super Caz



  • Just read "Returning home".

    Pleased that your support crew kept you active and talking after the swim. This lets everybody know if you are recovering well or not after the extreme physical exertion. There must have been the temptation to sleep. Don't know how you managed to visit the bar after showering at home but you did know your crew deserved your company.

    It really is an incredible achievement but to my mind the training, preparation and time you devoted over the years to reaching your goal is probably greater. Most people will only appreciate the swim itself without understanding the background to it.

    Whatever happens between you and your support crew in future there will always be a bond that time cannot erode. There will never really be a "Goodbye".

    It sounds lame but once again "Well done SuperCaz!"image

  • Good post Martenkay. image

  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    Martenkay, thank you but I had no temptation to sleep for about 3 days afterwards!  Far to hyped up to get more than an hour or two at a time.

  • SuperCaz do you know where the Isle of Wight is?


  • Womble wrote (see)

    SuperCaz do you know where the Isle of Wight is?



    I was thinking along the same lines earlier. image

  • Could the support crew just run round the coast with drinks on a fishing line?

  • Why do people keep asking me this?  Its a tough swim that is really dependent on getting the tides right.  we looked at doing it as a relay once but the logistics were too complicated.

  • Its because you made the chanel swim look so easy Caz. image

    Caveat - but not easy enough for me to want to try it. image


  • Perhaps we could paddle around. As in ankle deep water not canoeing.

  • My boss would have a heart attack if I said I wanted another period of time off work that was dependent on weather.

    And my bank manager would be rubbing his hands in glee at the thought of the additional income he would make from my loan.

    So the answer is NO!

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