Is it hang up my sauconys time?

I've just been diagnosed with moderate hip joint arthritis & associated pelvis misalignment (which i'm gettic chiropractic treatment for). Anyone else out there running with an arthritic hip? Tell me its not all over?



  • I can only tell you what my wife experienced seven years ago...diagnosed with arthritis in the hip and with osteophytes clearly present; upsetting because of the diagnosis and the pain but...a great podiatrist measured her up and prescribed necessary orthotics and it was almost a miracle! Since then pain and she has continued her running as an ultra marathon runner with no hip problems! She wears orthotics all the time now of course but the cost of these is well worth it, gets them replaced every six months-year depending on miles done. Currently at 60-80 miles a week. She might have stopped running after diagnoses but pleased  she didn't! She also might just be lucky. Your running might well continue...check everything out and don't listen to doom-mongers  unless there is absolutely clear medical evidence that you must stop running.

  • I have dysplastic hips so have had loads of surgeries including two to realign my pelvis hopefully to slow down the progression of arthritis. I have moderate arthritis in both hips and one will probably need a replacement by the time I am 50- in five yrs time. I figure as its pretty much inevitable anyway,and  I wont be able to run then so might as well do it whilst I can (with my consultants permission). Sometimes I need to take extra rest days, and I see a sports therapist once a month for massage to iron out muscle imbalances etc but can manage about 25 miles a week quite easily. I can do up to half marathons but think I would struggle with the demands of a full. Hope this helps.


  • I was told I had a hip/pelvic misalignment nearly forty years ago (before I started running!) and told some years later that such a diagnosis was spurious and didn't mean much..and that nearly everyone was "misaligned". I dunno..not a medic...but hope that all you folks with aches pains and injuries still get to enjoy lots of running!

  • oh yes..I was also told twenty two years ago(following an injury) that I would not walk again properly without a stick and should not run again! Of course we must always take advice given to us by trained medical people but there is no reason to stop reaching for solutions.

  • I was diagnosed with mild arthritis in my hip last May and was advised that i could keep running as it wouldn't make much difference to the progression of the arthritis however i have struggled to run since. No one seems to know why but the general consensus is that my lower back is tightening up which then affects the hip. Am going back to the consultant as really need someone to make a proper diagnosis so i know what i'm up against.

  • Hope you get this sorted out Chris-there is a great danger that those of us who have had problems/injuries think that everyone else's "similar" injury can be treated in the same way. Would you not try a sports physio with good knowledge of running rather than a consultant? Getting back to my so called pelvis mis-alignment, if I remember correctly then differing leg length had something to do with it...

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