Quality, supportive road racing shoes for over pronators

Hi all,

Got a question I need some advice on! 

I've got a slight/moderate over pronation when I run and currently run in Nike Structure 16s which offer support etc.

However - my times are quickening and want to get some lightweight racers to use when racing over 10k and HM distances. Anyone know of any racers that are lightweight but still offer support?

Anyone in similar situation? Would be great to hear from you!

Many thanks



  • I know of some poor quality ones....

    why not ask where you bought your current pair ? 

  • The Adidas Adizero Tempo offeres some support, as does the K Swiss Kwickie Blade Light. 

  • The Saucony Fastwich are racing flats with a bit of support, I have run in a few different Saucony shoes but never tried the Fastwich so can't comment on them.

    They do get very good reviews and I have always found Saucony to make really good shoes.

  • Personally I don't bother - just make sure I have road shoes that will be comfortable. But if you are trying to shave off every ounce of weight, Asics DS Trainers are a good compromise and i think DS Racers have a little bit of support  - I know some who use them for full marathons. 

  • I have been up to marathon distance in the Adidas Adizero Tempo.

    I knew somebody who ran Comrades in the Adidas Boston, though I don't necessarily recommend it!

  • Brooks Racer ST5 is a flat with a touch of support. Not that light for a flat, but very durable! Top shoe, and pretty cheap for how much mileage I get out of them.

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭

    I wear the Adizero Tempos for racing. They are light, comfy and give some support. 

  • Brooks Pure Cadence are lightweight and they're designed for overpronators.  I have a pair and get on with them really well, although you may find the low heel takes a bit of getting used to.

    As Also-ran said, Asics DS Trainers are a decent compromise.  They offer some control &cushioning and are lighter than the usual over-pronation trainers, without being lightweight like Pure Cadence.


  • Hi I too was in the same predicament and after many try outs I settled on the ds trainer 18, very happy with it so far, done a couple of speed sessions with them and will be doing a 10 mile race in them this weekend, just for ref my every day trainer in super nova sequence 5.  

    I did also look at the inspire 9 and the Luna eclipse but went for the ds in the endfar would defo recomend

  • OK Ed - So what did you get in the end?

  • I went from Structure Triax / Equalon to Brooks Adrenaline. Not racing shoes I know but done well for me.

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