How hard will it be getting back into it

I ran a half marathon on June 29th, i done it in 2 hours 5mins. But i have done nothing since only eat, drink and sit on my arse. I plan on signing up for another race (10 Mile) to give me a goal. I feel i have lost all of my fitness and will be starting from scratch again. What are peoples toughts on this, have i lost all my fitness in the past 6 weeks? i was training for about a year up to the half marathon.


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    I don't think so, you'll be pretty sluggish for a while but you should be able to pick up.  Just go out and see how you feel, don't push yourself too hard for the first week or two.

  • thanks infra, its so hard to get fit and so easy to lose it. I just need to get out the door and get on with it.

  • Hi I think that if you just get out there you will soon get back into it.  I have done the same thing in the past.  At least you have only left it six weeks.  If you leave it six months or more you might have more weight to lose as well as fitness to gain.

    I have not been consistent with my running this year and as I did not run for a period of about six months last year I lost all of my muscle etc and when I did start I had a lot of trouble with joint pain in my hips.  I think that I did too much on the treadmill then when I tried to run outside I couldnt.

    I am back now tho and loving it.  I am now training for the GNR and am doing my first 10 mile run today.

    It is hard to get back but stick with it and you will soon get the bug backimage

  • 6 weeks is not so bad, as you said the key is just to go and get out the door again.  Within 2 weeks you'll be back to somewhere near where you left off.  I had 6 weeks off running at the end of last year (over Christmas with food and drink...), back into the first 3 runs seemed harder and slower than before, but after that they soon picked up and by the 3rd week I was around the same level as I had been.

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