No wetsuit shops???


Have entered my first sea swim tri and thought picking a wetsuit up in a seaside town would be easy...... how wrong was I. Only wetsuits in Aberystwyth are for surfing. 

I am only short (5ft) but all the size guides indicate I would need to be a skinny minny to fit that length and for a size 10 I need to be at least 5ft 5 or more.... hence I wanted to try one on before buying. 

I live in mid Wales so there is a distinct lack of shops in my area. Any recommendations on a suit I could buy on-line or where I could go to try some - Herefordshire/ south Wales preferably. 

Thanks in advance folks! 


  • Could you try hiring one first? I don't know about where you are, but some of the open water training venues round our way offer the chance to hire per session. Would at least give you a chance to try a couple and get some advice.

  • I don't think there is anywhere near me in Powys. I am an hour from the coast so was hoping to use the local swimming pool with a few trips to the sea to get me prepared. 

  • Quite a few places on line will hire or try before you buy but you need to be sure of sizing, I can't help with places near you but I would recommend a trip if you find the nearest 

    one point however is that quite a few pools won't allow you to use a wetsuit so ask before you buy before you tri image

  • thanks m...eldy, I do travel a wee bit with work so guess I need a map of shops that I can look out for.


  • Royles in Wilmslow

    Eureka Cycles in Chester

    Tri-Active in Chester


    Where do you travel ?

  • There's a tri shop in Haverfordwest, I don't know much about them but at least in south Wales.

  • Thanks folks, I guess I don't really go far. I am in Cardiff next week so was hoping there or even the outlet village in Bridgend for a bargain! Merthyr, Carmarthen or into Herefordshire would be best but Chester is an option as I could get there in under 2 hours. 

    Looking on eBay but even the sellers don't seem to know exactly what size they have! 

  • Fit is the most important thing with wetsuits. I'd definitely travel to get a decent fit.

    Also ring ahead to make sure they'll have enough in stock.

    I went to Royles for mine and tried on 4 different makes to get the one that fitted properly.
  • cripes, had to google wilmslow to find where it was..... apparently home to the rich and famous with lavish lifestyles. Does this mean I need more than a few shiny coins?? 

    I totally want to try on as I am short but unfortunately not particularly skinny. Have tried 1 sea swim with my shortie surf type wettie which was great fun and I was amazed by how much bouyancy it gave me. 

  • didn't manage to get anywhere near a shop so bit the bullet and took a punt on eBay.....delivered today and cost less than £50 for a foor.  Fits ok but I think I may need a dollop of talc or Vaseline if I am ever going to try it by myself.  How do others manage to pull them on without giving themselves a hernia? 

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