Old model but want some.

Anyone know anywhere I can get them cheap? (£60 or less)


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    I noticed recently that you're selling a pair on eBay...  So how come you want a pair?  Or since the OP have you purchased a pair, used them, and decided you now don't want them?  Curious!

  • I`ve advertised the first pair that I bought for sale. They are used, as it says. Great shoes IMO. Cheers for the heads up; I got my last pair from sportshoes via ebay! I tend to sell my old pairs these days,

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    Thanks for the clarification...  Dare I ask how much used running shoes tend to go for?  And who buys them?  I have three old pairs that are basically just filling up space on my shoe rack...  1 pair of Brooks Vapor 8, 1 pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11, and 1 pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 if anyone is interested image

  • Yeah. Best bet is to look for and `watch` a few pairs similar to the ones you have to sell. You`ll then get a decent idea as to how much to ask.

    I used to take mine to charity shops but I`ve now sold 6 pairs on Ebay! Needs must!

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