I have always had a problem with buying shoes one foot is bigger than the other (9 and 9 1/4).Yesterday I bought a pair of asics gel-kayano 19s and one fits fine and the other has a bit more room to slip.So I was wondering dose any body have a similar problem and how do they cope.


  • I have a similar problem... have you tried wearing a second sock on the smaller foot?  Also I've found putting a sorbothane insole in my shoes helps - they tend to be a bit thicker than the ones some shoes come with. You could even experiment with just putting a thicker insole in one shoe - see if that helps...

    Everyone's different so it'll be down to a bit of experimenting but I hope you find a solution. 

    As long as I put bodyglide on my arches I don't seem to get blisters anymore as long as I'm not out for more than a couple of hours - above that I'd be implementing one of the above.


  • I have the same problem. Shoes are bought to fit the slightly larger foot, and it just means there is a little more room at the front for the smaller foot. Provided they are tied correctly there is no reason for the foot to move.

    My slightly smaller foot is small and beautifully formed - it even sports 5 toe nails. My other foot looks a little more knackered, and is currently fighting to hold on to its last toe nail. Maybe another shoe size up is neededimage

  • I would imagine most people fit into that catergory. Our bodies are not as symetrical as we may think. I go for one the right fit and one slightly looser. Better than having one too tight. As for having an extra sock. Not for me I'm afaid.

  • Man up and deal with it! Perhaps not what you're hoping for but I have one size 9 and one size 13. So long as I lace them appropriately and take care to choose shoes that suit both feet I have no dramas. 


    (left foot is clubbed and surgery severely stunted its growth)

  • Same here; size 11 fits my left foot perfectly but is too big for my right foot.  Getting the right tension on the laces helps with the right foot.

  • I think everyone has one foot slighter larger than the other.  Its called being human...

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