Hello fellow runners,

Been running for a couple of weeks now using the couch to 5k app. I religiously followed the app and did all my stretching and the 5min warm up walk and 5min warm down walk at the beginning and end of each run. My running days were a Monday, Wednesday and Friday giving myself the weekend off. I completed 6 runs in total (the 6th run was 3.9k). But after the 6th run i gradually noticed a slight dull pain about 2inches below my left knee on the inside of my leg...this gradually got worse over the weekend to the point where I was limping a bit. I can put weight on it and it doesn’t seem any worse going up/down stairs. Do you guys think I’ve just done too much too soon? Obviously since that run I haven’t run since and I wont until the pain/ache as gone as don’t want to do further damage. But I really enjoyed the running, didn’t think I would but I did and cant wait to get back to it….just wish this pain would go away, it does seem to be improving very slowly.

I have a brand new pair of running shoes and was running on a level brand new tarmac path. On my app it says I ran 3.91ks and my average pace was 8:02 (bearing in mind that the level I’m at I’m only actually running for about 9 minutes in total out of the 30mins, the rest is walking). Was I going too fast too slow? I should also mention that I’m 6ft 8inches and weigh 15stone 6pounds.

Any advice is welcomeJ


  • Knee pain is generally due to a bio mechanical issue, which causes stress on the structures around the knee. If when you go back to running it is still a problem it might be worth going for gait analysis to see what is going on biomechanically. 

  • Hi Adam,

    The question I would ask is why is this happening? What is the root cause? The pain is happening when you run, but many people run long distances and don't have any problems so to remove this we need to work out what is going on specifically in your body which is causing you these problems.

    You could rest but then if you haven't addressed the root cause the pain will come back or show up somewhere else, such as on the right knee, or the ankes, hip etc.

    Remember, pain is the body's way of telling us that something is not right. Often when people have knee pain it's because the person's posture has shifted from natural alignment. Stand in front of the mirror and see if your feet and also your knee caps point straight ahead or do they face in or outwards at an angle. 

    They should point straight ahead. Them being at an angle is often the cause of knee pain as it means the joint is not opening and closing naturally when running and can strain the surrounding ligaments, muscles and meniscus in the knee.

    Muscles determine the position of the bones so it might indicate that there is a slight imbalance in your hip muscles which ultimately position the knee. Or it could even be a problem with how your feet strike the ground, and the chain reaction it has up your leg.

    I'm a Postural Alignment Specialist in the Egoscue Method. Its a form of Postural Alignment Therapy which gets your body back to it's natural alignment so it can function pain free. 

    I'd be more than happy to give you a free half hour postural assessment and tell you what i think is going on with you. No strings attached. If at the end of the assessment i run through my findings and what i suggest and you agree, feel free to book a session with me, and i can run through a series of exercises that i think would help solve the problem and if for any reason after the half hour if you don't fancy it, then no worries either.

    You can find out more on my website

    Take care and if you have any questions feel free to ask.



  • Hi,

    I'm a beginner for 2 weeks too and the same thing happedned to me. All of a sudden after my 3rd run i felt a pain just above my right knee. It didn't hurt all the time but would be worse after a run. I started to look up about warm up tips because i figured i must be doing something wrong. Anyway i read an article this morning about warming up and it basically said to be careful with stretching before your run and said that actually it is better to not stretch before you run but after. It gave other excercises to warm your muscles up without all the stretching. I was a bit sceptical but i tried today on my run. I warmed up without excessive strectching, walked for 5 mins increasing my pace after every minute and then after 5 minutes ran for 30 mins none stop, then i walked decreasing my speed for 8 minutes and then stopped and stretched. My legs feel fine, it is the most pain free i have been since i started.

    I can't remember where i read the article but i think there are many like them. Maybe you could google it and see if that works on your next run



  • I get pain on the inside of my knee at the bottom of patella, I am trying to do more strength exercises for glutes, however I have just bought a patella tendon strap and ran 8 miles and was pain free, I plan to use this while I am strenthening

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