i am training to do run the kielder marathon (6 oct)my longest run is at 13 miles and I was going to try and up by 2 miles each week to 21 miles and then do the great north run (15th sep) iam starting to panic if it is possible to up the miles that fast and then taper in time for the maratorn . this is first full one done a few halfs but at 40 year old I am sore for a day or two after the long run


  • You shouldn't need to up it by 2 miles a week. You could go 15, 19, 15, 19 and a midweek 13. If you keep them slow. 

    I've only done one 19miler so far, another one this Sunday. I'm doing new forest on 22nd Sep. 

  • I did my first last October aged 43 & have now done 4, I ran upto 20 in training but I did a tough hilly twenty, you defo have the time but I would recommend having a look at a runnersworld marathon training guide. Good Luck.


  • PCleasbyPCleasby ✭✭✭

    Kielder is not a pb course so you are only going to be running it for the fun of it, you can increase your mileage as suggested but it would be better to arrive at the start feeling fresh rather than fatigued. 

    It's your first one so enjoy it for what it is, then if you want to do another and improve you're times then you can adjust your training. 

    Im doing it as my last long slow run in the build up to Frankfurt. Daft of me really but I just can't bear plodding around my town for 22 miles so I thought I'd liven things up a bit with lots of hills. I might be cursing at Kielder and f'ing at Frankfurt but hey ho. 

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