i have a Garmin 305 that needs repairing does anyone know who i could contact or any were that will repair it for me


  • Contact Garmin ... excellent customer service and likely they will replace with a refursbished one

  • cheers will try that

  • sent my 305 back to them with a broken screen about 2 months ago £52 i think it was.

    they sent me a refurbished one as soon as they got my old one, was all sorted in a few days. like M said excellent customer service

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Me too the refurb has lasted longer than the original 

  • Good luck getting through to Garmin customer service at the moment, they seem to be swamped. Had a problem with my forerunner 210, emailed them and after a week with no reply I decided to ring them. 30 minutes on hold and I got to speak to someone!

    They proceeded to tell me that my 10 month old Garmin was purchased in 2011 and out of warranty, after disputing this they said they will repair it under warranty but I had to email them proof of purchase which I did. God only knows how long it will take for them to actually respond to my second email. 

    Not a good experience so far, could well be an exception rather than the rule with Garmin.

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭

    Yep, I've had the refurb at £50ish and it's going well.

  • They just sent me an email to say if it out of warranty it will cost £58.50 to replace so i will have to try and phone them on Monday

  • They just replied to my original email advising me to update the software, not sure how this is going to cure a hardware fault and also I already have already update the software months ago.

    Guess I will have to call Monday too!

  • I had a defective 610 that kept losing workouts during transfer to the PC. Luckily, the running shop I bought it from took it back, and Garmin sent me a brand new one inside a week. Was very surprised with how quick and easy it was. 



  • I was quoted £130 for a refurbished 410 when my screen broke.  New one was £135, so bought new instead.

  • sent it back today so were see how quick they are

  • ChomskiChomski ✭✭✭

    I've sent back three over the years. Normally a two or three day turnaround.

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭

    Yes normally pretty quick sent back 2 405's and a Garmin swim watch twice in 2 weeks second wasn't waterproof! If only the build quality was as good as the replacement service!

  • had an email yesterday morning to say my replacement was on its way just looked at the delivery tracker for UPS and according too that it should be here today so that’s a 4 day turn around

  • M...eldy thanks for the recommendation my Garmin arrived today well impressed

  • I sent a 910 for repair as the screen is very scratched.

    Garmin are very quick to get the ball rolling. 

    Go onto then on the bottom left hand corner click on return & repairs.

    If you have already registered a device you can type in your email and garmin  connect password and you can select which product you have. Or you can find the serial number underneath the forerunner and enter the serial number instead.

    The website asks a few questions about what the fault is.

    Then very quickly I recieved a phone call from Garmin and some emails that gave me an address to post the forerunner to and a reference number (they want the reference number sent with the forerunner). 

    Garmin Europe Ltd
    PO Box 392
    SO40 0FW

    2 days after I posted the forerunner in a padded jiffy bag by recorded delivery. Garmin phoned again to say scratched screens are not covered by warranty (even if its new) it would be £62.68 with £12.54 VAT. £75.22 in total to get the screen repaired.

    My only complaint is... A relevative paid around £300 to buy me my 910 as a present. Which is a lot for them to spend and therefore sentimental for me. I had the 910 only for 3 weeks so its practically brand new. And Garmin send you any old second hand refurbished one.

    If I have have a brand new £300 forerunner I'd like the same one back and not wear someone elses. When I take my car to be repaired, the garage never gives me someone elses older car back thats covered in their sweat and salt water (if they did open water swimming). All my forerunner needed is a new screen.


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