I've recently been getting really bad heartburn when I run.  I only usually have some cereal or something small couple of hrs before running, but still seem to get it, I have to keep stopping cos it just makes me feel sick.  

I also take my blue Inhaler before a run, but have been finding I'm getting quite breathless (especially with hills), so have been given the brown one to take mornings and night to prevent, but doesn't seem to help much.

Any suggestions with either of these mould help with my running greatly, as I do still feel like a beginner!!

Steph. Xx image


  • What about trying some reflux meds? Might be worth talking to a pharmacist about it and seeing what they suggest.

    I have reflux meds to prevent asthma as it irritates my airways/triggers bronchospasm.

  • Stephanie,


    Have you tried Symbicort, that worked best for me when I had that problem.  And taking some Losec / Nexium is almost guaranteed to alleciate the heart burn.  Your GP should be prescribing this if you have Asthma and heartburn I would have thought?



  • Sorry, alleviate...

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