I weighed myself for the first time in a couple of months and seem to have lost about 3kg and about 1-2% bodyfat despite lots of events (weddings, visitors, business trips away...) and a general reduction in my training. 

As this is not intentional I am presuming it is just the warmer weather meaning my body is not holding onto its fat as much. Has anyone else found this? I also find that my inclination for carbs nosedives in summer so this is probably part of the problem.

Hopefully the kgs will reappear when the weather turns although I don't want this to be too soonimage


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  • I've found this too for quite a number of years. My bodyweight naturally fluctuates through the seasons, lighter in the summer and heavier in the winter.


    The recent heat really put me off my food, and I found I wasn't digesting well. Maybe all my blood was in extremities trying to cool down and not in my digestive system, don't know. Maybe someone with some understanding of physiology could shed some light on this.

  • For me it doesn't put me off my food but I just want to eat even more salads than usual rather than meat/fish, grain and veg combination that is more common in the winter.

    I am a bit underweight though so need to watch it my weight does not drop too much more otherwise I will freeze when the winter comes.

  • Wish I could have this problem, I'm really struggling to keep the weight under control.  I can keep to the running plan really well, but absolutely hopeless at keeping to a healthy eating plan, despite trying hard every day, just keep failing!

  • Have you thought about snacking on nuts or chucking some in your salad? They're pretty high in calories so you wouldn't need to eat loads of them. 

  • I have quite a lot of nuts already; on my breakfast and also as a snack. Think maybe remembering to include something higher carb might prevent any further weight loss. 

    Also it has gotten much colder...

  • Happyplodder - have you got any other symptoms apart from weight loss? Have you had your thyroid checked? I had an overactive thyroid in the winter and lost 4kgs as a result. It may be worth getting a blood test.

    3kgs is a lot of weight to loose if you are already on the slim side, especially when there is no obvious reason for it.

  • I have had my thyroid checked a couple of times and always has been fine; generally it was because I am permanently cold but that didn't match with my tendency to lose weight rather than gain.

    I had not weighed myself for around 3 months (I can become obsessive with numbers so try to not do it too often in fear of encouraging this aspect of my nature) so could have just been gradual over that time.

    My iron might have dropped a wee bit though and that tends to dull my appetite....so might just have a nice bit of liver for my teaimage

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    My BMI is 21 which is due to a physical job and 80 miles per week. The rest of my family, mother and siblings, have an average BMI of 30 plus. And they think I'm the one who looks ill.

    I point out that they are the ones who troup backwards and forwards to hospital. They might not look ill, but are.

    Image is everything it seems.

  • RicF - my BMI is currently about 17 and has never been above 18.5 in my life so I understand your comments about people thinking you look ill! I am the same - everyone assumes I am a vegetarian because I am light - although I have not had a cold for about 4 years and not had a day off sick for about 5 years.

    However, being too thin is not good for long term health but I do really believe it is harder to gain than lose especially if you hate sweet stuff.

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    Your health seems to be better than average.

    Lets face it, unless you are in a situation where finding the next meal could be a problem, there's no need to be concerned.

    The unfounded concern of finding that next meal, is the basis of today's obesity crisis.

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