Hello can anybody help!

i keep getting a bad toe ( the long one next to big on right foot) ,small blister and lost 2 nails off it! I use vasaline and ok socks,trainers are size bigger and better but still get problems! Training good for notts Half but toe is a niggling problem


  • where is the blister?

  • Hello. I keep getting it on the end!

  • I have never used a bigger trainer ,  Vaseline , good socks and decent trainers but I'm just a novice so it's just my opinion imageimage

  • One size bigger trainer does help,I have good socks and use lots of Vaseline! I must be a freak!

  • What socks is everybody using? Talc? 2 pairs?  Any help would be helpfulhelpful

  • Same problem Scott. I guess like me your second toe is longer than the big toe. I've mitigated it a little by tieing laces a bit tighter to stop any banging against the front of the shoe but I do think that the toe is the last bit of my foot to push off from the floor so on any longer runs it takes damage

    I've been without a nail on that one for about 18 months now as it bruises with every long run. 

  • I've known some runners with toe problems who have cut a hole in the top of their trainers to relieve the pressure on the problem toe. They say it works, but I haven't tried it myself. It sounds a bit drastic, but might be worth a try if all else fails.

  • Scott , am told cutting the toe nail down really short so it doesn't make contact with the trainer should help , ur blister is caused by rubbing , 2 reasons , trainers to big or not enuff width , Vaseline should help , stick with it , the niggle will be worth it imagetalc not sure never used it so cant really comment

  • me too, just ran a 1/2 marathon and it looks like I am going to lose both my toe nails next to big toe.....i used to have pretty feet before running : (

  • Hah I got 1 black toe but I don't like toes anyway!!!!

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