I need help/motviation/advice...

It is only 6 weeks until my second marathon attempt - the Berlin marathon. I ran my 5th Half in June with mild shin splits, thinking they'd just go away on their own as usual BUT they didn't. And it seems I've done myself more damage. I've been seeing an osteo weekly and am waiting on specialist insoles to correct my feet which will prevent further injury but my worry is Berlin is going to be dire. My only aim was to run the whole way as my previous marathon I walked/jogged from 20 miles. My shin (and tendonitis of the upper foot/ankle) is getting better and I can manage 30 mins on the treadmill or beach without niggles now but I should be on around 26 miles a week.


I think I know the answer already - don't expect anything wonderful and it'l going to hurt!!


  • Hi Lucy,

    I got your message on my post and I totally agree about the pain of shin splints.

    I have had my orthotics for 2 months now and to be completely honest I don't think they have made much of a difference for me.

    I have been looking at the way that I run the last few days and I have noticed that I heel strike a fair bit when I land. I have tried to land on the front of my feet and the shins splints have disappeared. Although I now get a sore calf on my right leg. I only ever had shin splints on my right leg.... I don't know which is better - sore calfs or shin splints. Clearly my leg is trying to tell me something is wrong!!


    I really do overpronate so the orthotics weren't a waste of cash but I don't think that was causing shin splints for me!

  • Er - well yes... Ho hum. On the plus side you'll have more sightseeing time as you progress round the course!

    More usefully - tried compression socks and/or physio taping? Just mentioned them as I had tendon problems last spring which kept me on the bench all March + they helped me complete my 2 prebooked marathons in April (run-walk-strategytastic). Everyone is different but you never know. 

  • Don 't do it.  The only hope of a recovery from shin splints is completely stopping running for several months.  There will be other marathons.

  • Hi all,

    I was feeling much better recently so ran 2 x 1hrs over the weekend (on seperate days) and felt fine after (after icing too).  I rested Mon and then did 30mins yesterday am and was left limping and can really feel a strain in my right (always my right leg too Steven) even when driving I can feel it.  

    My orthotics arrived yesterday so I know I need to try and wear them in before running which is extra lost potential running time in them... 

    Fido I started off with taping but I never felt it helped that much and doesn't stay stuck down too long.  I wore my new calf sleeves yesterday (on the run that made my shin splints flare up again!) so I also not 100% convinced they will help me. 

    I have come to the conclusion that if in 2 weeks time (when I have 3 weeks left) I am no better and my training mileage has been poor I'll pull out.  Although I could still do it - mainly walking, I think i'll just be disappointed as I entered this marathon purely to make a good shot at it.  

    It doesn't help having a sub 3hr marathoner/ultra runner partner who runs 5+ marathons a year - injury free!!

  • Hi all,

    An update for you - I am STILL experiencing shin and ankle pain (more tendonitis than shin splint feeling now). So frustrating, have rested fully since October.  I am seeing a specialist on Monday image

  • Sorry to hear that but you WILL recover eventually, honest .
  • if you are having problems in the 2 months before a marathon and these have been around for a while then it would be really silly to go ahead and do it.....there is a great chance you will do yourself more injury........image

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