• shit CD - hope thing's work out OK for you....

    bar the Kona qualifiers we also seem to have some ongoing Emerency Ward 10 stuff going on with Dusty, CD and Mellifera...and my missus, Petal, came off her bike at the w/e and has an injured arm.  nothing broken we think just badly sprained but not good 4 weeks before the World Champs in Hyde Park....

    healing vibes to all

  • Perhaps we should add some industrial strength bubble wrap to the next kit order imageimage

    Gentle hugs to Petal

  • Hi, new to this forum and saw your post, I had an ablation at Hammersmith in April and was back running in 2 weeks. I had to inject heparin for 3 days and take aspirin but am now off all medication.

    This was the 2nd ablation as I had a failed attempt in December last year when they cut an artery in my groin and couldn't stop the bleeding so abandoned the procedure.

    Second time was very neat and tidy hardly any bruising considering I was in there for over 4 hours!

  • Interesting Jug. And welcome.  I am now four weeks on and am far from right. Though I am up to gentle walking a couple of miles at a push and I did 400metres on a bike today! A far cry from 22 mile tempo ride, 5 mile tempo run and a rather short 500M in the pool in the couple of days before the procedure.

    It seems very different for everyone. The bruising is nearly gone in the groin but I get breathless quite quickly, even hoovering. Had to come back home early from work a couple of days last week as felt well rough. So much for a couple of weeks and I'll be out nailing it.

    Bizarrely, RHR has gone up from 54 to 80, 72 if I am very lucky.

    Have you noticed a drop off in your performance?

    CD, how are you getting on with the "detraining"? Any further positive developments?

  • When is your next check-up Dusty?  Hope it improves for you soon but in the mean time - stop hoovering. Its obbviously not doing you any good. 


  • Nothing yet dusty.  They put the monitor in and I'm due back for a check on that in a couple of weeks.  I have to avoid exercise completely until October when with luck the ECG will go back to normal and they'll have put find something other than HCM as the cause of my blackout.  

    Sorry to hear you're not quite back to things yet, like you say it must be different for everyone so you'll be back on the bike soon.

  • February Soupy. Seems a while but they know best.

    I did however, manage to clean all three bikes today, chains, mechs, clean, oil, polish etc.

    I am going to try a short ride in a couple of weeks. Flat and slow. Probably out from Pirbright as there are a lot of bale out points. Be great if you could join me (you know, call the ambulance, that sort of stuff! LOL.) Jugula, welcome to join is you are Surrey area ish. Date TBC. I fully expect to be taken the piss out of.

  • Hey CD, bet you are tearing your hair out (metaphoricallyimage).

    Fingers crossed for a normal ECG.

  • I might manage a slow ride out Dusty. I'll take my mobile then shall I? image

  • Dustboy can you teach bike maintenance, as I am not very practical. Quite happy to come out for a ride with you and Soupy.

  • lol Steady - I was thinking the same about maintenance. I'm hopeless at cleaning my bike. A beginners guide to bike cleaning/maintenance?


  • My RHR is around 50-60 which is about what it used to be. My fitness level has really dropped and I've struggled to get anywhere near what it was pre ablation, if I push it where my heart rate is high then it goes into a weird rythym for a minute of so. Strangely last night after running 4.5 miles it was all over the place until I went to sleep, back to normal this morning but a bit concerned that it maybe playing up again.

    They did say that it takes months to really settle down after the ablation. The thing that affected me after the op was extreme tiredness around mid to late afternoon almost like being hit with anaesthetic again, some days even now that hits me.

  • PSOF Championships 2013 - Challenge Henley

    Thanks to all pirates supporting and on course yesterday - you made my day, never had so much support in a race. Also from general supporters taking up the pirate cry as I passed.image

    Brilliant - thank you, great first race in pirate colours and my first half ironman distance race. 

    Full distance in Bolton next year and ironman 70.3 as warm up.

    Got top ten, 7th in age group so more than happy with that. No podium but chuffed. Got back ache that I blame on Howe Hill, even the pros hated that one.

    Great to meet many if you and put faces to profile names too image Hope to hang around a good while now. 


  • Just wondering how both Dusty and CD are feeling / keeping?


    Hope you are both on the mend


  • Hope Dusty and CD are in good fettle now image

  • I'm feeling fine, thanks both.  Still got the monitor implant but no further episodes.  Just in the final two weeks of de-training before I go back and find out whether it's genetics or IM training that's got me into trouble...

  • Mending slowly cheers. Latest seems to be 3-6 month recovery. Tough gig this one, so much for back out in a fortnight.  Everyone's different. However, I did get out on the bike last weekend. 15 pitifully slow flat miles in nearly two hours half in the  granny ring but it was good to be back out. Lord H mercilessly took the piss, especially when the old boy tootled past on his shopper.

    Walking daily though. The drugs & headaches and constant dizziness could do with fucking off though.



  • Are you supposed to be drinking on those drugs though Dusty?!!  image

    Glad it's all coming together for you both!  Albeit slowly!!

  • Keep smiling guys, seems like you're both on the road to recovery even though it may not look like it to you.

  • Time is a great healer Guys image
  • Aww Dusty image shame it's taking so long

    My other OH is off the road too following a DVT which then decided to shoot off into his lungs and give him a pulmonary embolism and blue light trip to A&E back in August

    Back at work but still off his bike (and run, swim, gym etc) and he was really getting into his biking.......

    Different cause but similar effects - you two could swap notes!

    Anyway keep us up to date won't you and chin up - pirates are tough and on your return you can always become an honourary WAISTer over on my "home thread"

    take care & heal well (all 3 of you!)

  • Roll on 2014 for quite a few of us then Podds.

    Which is your home thread??


  • Working at it slowly, DB

  • Nice ones DB, CD.

    Are you both able to throw abuse at boxhill for the BB?

  • Good job everyone understands code Cat! image

    Yep - WAISTers is the "Working At it Slowly" thread over in Beginners - been around nigh on 8 or 9 years, maybe coming up 10

    It's where I first met Meldy many moons ago...............and just look at the situations that's landed me in image

  • Good news for me though - having sat on my arse for 2 months my ECG has returned to normal, so I can start training again, albeit with a nice slow build up and some return visits to check that there's nothing untoward happening.  I'm booked for VLM in the spring, but whether IM will happen again will depend on the next couple of checkups. 

    The consultant was amazed at the difference in 'before' and 'after' ECGs - apparently having such an 'ugly' ECG as I did without it being connected to a serious heart condition is more common in African runners but almost unheard on in non-Africans.  If he could find another 30 of me there'd be a research paper in it.  And he called he an 'elite athlete'!  If only he knew...

  • good news there CD.   any indication what may have caused the problem in the 1st place??

  • good news CD


  • Well FB, he was suggesting that the abnormal ECG was down to endurance training over a sustained period, something that some people are more disposed to than others (Mo's is worse than mine, apparently).  I'd probably got to the point where my heart was having occasional irregular patterns, and I just happened to have one after warming up when my HR was elevated which caused my blackout, or it could have been something else.  They're not realy sure, but they haven't found anything that suggests that it's likely to happen again, which is good news.  He's happy for me to start again as long as I don't do anything silly like IM Florida in a few weeks.  I'm not always sensible, but I think I can manage this time.

    Have you come down from the fame of your TV appearance at the weekend?

  • so basically overtraining then?  you should know that's not good for you....image

    at least you have a diagnosis of a sort and I guess you can keep an eye on matters now so good luck.

    as for XTERRA - they cut the bit with me swearing out....image  although my memory of the interview was that I rambled - so quite pleased with the way it came out!  even P said I did a good job - now that's praise indeed!!  

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