Hi All,

This is my first post in this forum and need some help. I have recently signed up for a walking marathon (schedule on 28th Sept) and have started practising as per the walking plan recommended on the portal.

I am in the 4th week of practice and until now have had no issues following the plan. Although last week after I finished my schedule of 5-6 miles, I developed a callus in my feet. I do not know why this happened but now has put my practice on hold. I have stopped my walking plan for the last whole week and the callus has subsided to a large extent.

I want to know is it due to shoes or something else (my wieght / walking pattern etc)

I am fat  and weigh around 18.5 stones

I am very keen to complete the marathon but dont want to have any injuries which could be more harmful

Request for help relating to any home remedies, any particular shoes that I need to wear, any care I need to take etc...

I will also try an upload a pic in a while.

Many thanks





  • Could be your shoes, your socks, your gait a combination of these or none. Impossible to tell really. Wondering what sort of callus would stop you walking for a week though?  I would recommend going to a good walking or running shop (not JJB/Sports Direct or the like) and asking for advice from someone who can look at the way you stand and walk and recommend appropriate shoes.

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  • You stopped walking because of a callus? My feet are a mess of hard skin and calluses, if I worried about them I wouldn't get anywhere! If they don't hurt, don't worry too much. Maybe get some new shoes!

  • What I will also say Mike, is that if you had ony posted in one section instead of four you might have found it easier to read all the replies.

  • Look at your socks, I did a 62 mile walk and you get what you pay for, I used no blister socks which had 2 layers

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