For a long time I was in dubio whether I could run a half marathon and now that I know I can, entry for the run to the beat has closed. Do you have a place available because of an injury/bad planning/anything else? Please let me know - it would make me very happy!


  • Hi


    I am no longer able to take part in this years event but do not think you are able to change participants details at such last minute- any suggestions?

  • I just sent you a private message with my e-mail address image

  • Hi Katie, did you get my message?

    Still looking for an entry! Hope someone can make me happy image

  • I have a place going for Run to the Beat as have a disk injury  image I have contacted them and they wont refund, defer or transfer place... but if someone wanted to run it in my name they are welcome to. Paid £50 for entry, T shirt size medium (pack not arrived yet...)


    Let me know.



  • Hi Esther3,


    Are you still looking for a place?


    let me know.

  • Hi everyone I'm looking for a place for this if anyone has one available? Please message me if you do!

    Many thanks,


  • I have a place for sale, as also injured. Shirt is size s (10) but you can get printed numbers onsite and wear your own shirt. Offers accepted. Hopefully someone else can get use out of it image

  • Hi Sara - I've tried to message you but the system on here won't let me. Could you message me your email address please?

  • If anyone is still after a place my pack has arrived now!

    T Shirt size medium (women's size 12), start wave in yellow pen (1hr 40 - 2 hrs estimated finish) you are allowed to move backwards on the day but not forwards (into a faster pen.)


    Message me if interested. Thanks, Anna

  • Hi Anna,

    Is the place still available.  I'm intestested in running this weekend.



  • I have just arranged to meet someone tomorrow evening to sell it, but if this falls through I will get back to you.


    Thanks, Anna

  • Hey, 

    does anyone know of a spare place still going? 

    British Heart Foundation have messed up my entry so just found out I don't have a place after all that training!!! 


  • Hey Rich,


    Not sure if any of these places still available:






  • Thanks a million, checking now!

  • I've a place but won't be running due to injury. Happy to sell my spot, shirt, tag etc for £30+. Can be there on the day to hand over or work out some point to hand over in person as I work in the city.

  • I still have a spot available if anyone need it?

  • Hey, thanks but I have been able to source one through another person on RW. 

    Thanks though and good luck off loading it! 


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