bit of a long shot this, but I ran my first half marathon in 1988 at the Great North Run (which I think was still run in July then) when I was 18, I then ran it a few years later in 1991...much slower and could barley walk afterwards, certainly couldn't bend my knees! image

I'm pretty sure my 1988 time was about 1hour 48mins, no idea what my 1991 times was (just remember it hurt and was slower).

Is there anywhere that has archived previous year's results?  or does anyone still have their own copy of the results that I think used to get published in the paper?

Now that I'm 43, it's doubtful that I'll beat my 18 year old self, but fancy having a crack at my '91 year time next yearimage


  • Dude try the local press in Newcastle I'm sure you can request the results page they printed through your libriay. Don't think they have these years on the web.

  • Hi Gravitas - no idea of your running or health history and can't help you find your results for 1988 or 1991 however I started running again when I was 43 to try and beat the time I set when I was 13 for a half marathon of 1 hr 35 - last October I ran 1hr 29 and am hoping for better this year so your age in itself is not an insurmountable barrier.

    Of course the state you have allowed your body to slump into over the last 25 years may be a difficult obstacle to overcome!image

    Giving yourself plenty of time to build up to it and starting slowly (even by walking) particularly if you have got a little bit larger than you were when you were 18 will all help. Building slowly and consistent training will all help - hopefully this link will take you to a blog I found quite inpirational - if you scroll to somewhere near bottom of page and read background you'll get the idea.

  • thanks guys,

    I'm up in the North East this coming weekend so I'll try the local libraries to see if they have an archive from the Chronicle or Journal.

    I did Worksop half marathon in 2010 in 2:43, but have been putting in some serious training this year (have shifted about a stone in weight, entered a bunch of races, and trained properly0 so I'm hoping to do near 2hours for Worksop half in a couple of monthsimage

  • Don't forget worksop has some hill's in it. See you at the start line mate I will be big boned lad at the back. image

  • those effin hills, i don't know wherethey found them all from...and no idea how they managed to find a route despite being circular only seems to go up!

    When I did it in 2010 I said never again...but I'd quite like to post an improved time before doing another half elsewhereimage

  • *puts on broadest yorkshire accent can*

    Don't be daft lad those are just speed bumps not proper hill's? image

    If you like Worksop you might be interested in clowne half later on in the year? Link

  • Worksop is magic - the summer league race there is circular but is somehow all downhill.

  • How awesome is this?

    I emailed Gateshead Library and asked them if they had newspapers archives of the GNR results for those years. I was hoping to book in at the weekend to see if I could find my results.

    I got an email from them 2 hours later...they do have a newspaper archive, it does contain the GNR results for those years, then they looked me up and notified me of my results image

    In 1988 I did it in 2:03:15 in position 13555, my race number was 12446

    In 1991 I did it in 2:18:51 in position 16850, my race number was 7588

    I'll be writing to the Powers That Be at the library tomorrow commending their fantastic customer service image

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