I am training for the greatnorth run  in September this is my first half marathon and was realy excited however I have had a painfully right leg for about 2 weeks when I start to run after about a mile my groin area and front quad realy hurt and Istart to limp had to pack in today after a mile and half I run 9 miles last week and it was not too bad till 2 days later I have rested and done the rice thing any advise please I don't want to pull out now I did go see a physio he said he thought it was coming from my hip ? Gonna get second opinion I think I will try anything so any advice will be welcome 

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  • Hi Onemoremile2,

    I'm also training for the GNR - or at least I was until about 8 weeks ago when I suffered a groin strain. Been seeing a physio since then and have been trying to ease myself back into running with his guidance over the last few weeks... and it's not as successful or quick as I'd like so the GNR is looking unlikely for me image.
    Thing is that my other leg started to experience pain when running - even with the very low level interval stuff I am trying to do. The pain sounds similar to yours and is not unlike groin strain though my physio assures me its just my hip-flexor and quad ... apparantly that's not so bad so keep your hope alive image
    Having said that I think getting a second opinion is a very good idea as if groin strain you really do not want to keep running on it at the moment. Do yourself  a big favour and keep with RICE until you get a physio who is willing to identify the issue, or at least tell you its not groin strain or anything else tendony and slow to fix.

    Try not to panic, good luck and I hope you make it.

  • Anyone else had this thanks.

  • Hi run for fun 

    sorry to hear you might not make the run its gutting int it after all the hard work training 

    i went out on Monday mile and a half later I had to quit my groin was killing and was effecting my knee has to stop and limp back to car .I also was told its coming from my hip I have got a second option tomm at 6 if they say I can't make the run I will be gutted was so looking forward to my first half marathon and doing something for me 

    Will let you know what the outcome is 

  • Hi all,

    The thing i would do if i were in your shoes is try to find the root cause.TThe pain is there for a reason. Remember, pain is the body's way of telling us that something is not right. If you can fix the 'what is not right' then your pain should disappear.

    The pain is happening when you run, but many people run long distances and don't have any problems so to remove this we need to work out what is going on specifically in your body which is causing you these problems.

    It sounds like some of your muscles are getting strained or crying out for help due to being overworked. The question is why are they overworked.

    Often when people have knee pain or leg muscle pain it's because the person's posture has shifted from natural alignment. And to run, the 'wrong' muscles are being used and overworked to compensate for unbalanced muscles which leads to pain.

    Stand in front of the mirror and see if your feet and also your knee caps point straight ahead or do they face in or outwards at an angle. 

    They should point straight ahead. Them being at an angle is often the cause of knee pain as it means the joint is not opening and closing naturally when running and can strain the surrounding ligaments, muscles and meniscus in the knee, as well as the structures which position the knee which is the muscles which move the hip. In that respect your physio might be right.

    Muscles determine the position of the bones so it might indicate that there is a slight imbalance in your hip muscles which ultimately position the knee. Or it could even be a problem with how your feet strike the ground, and the chain reaction it has up your leg.

    If you want to find out a bit more about how your posture impacts your joints and muscles and what you can do to get better, then have a look at the 'The Egoscue Method' page on my website.

    I'd be more than happy to give you a free half hour postural assessment and tell you what i think is going on with you. No strings attached. If at the end of the assessment i run through my findings and what i suggest and you agree, feel free to book a session with me, and i can run through a series of exercises that i think would help solve the problem and if for any reason after the half hour if you don't fancy it, then no worries either.

    Take care and if you have any questions feel free to ask.


    Postural Alignment Specialist


  •  Onemoremile2 - please do update me on your situation - good to share at times like these.

    Just got my GNR number through this evening - and although I have pretty much  'let it go' I do find myself wondering if I could be capable and bring myself to consider a run/walk option a'la recovery training.

    They say you can't PB it anyway and I know that the atmosphere is amazing having supported before, ... or maybe I am fooling myself?

    Hope your news is good though and that you can recover in time to enjoy the event fully.

    Harryhh - a little seize up of muscle shouldn't be a biggie - and I always reckon a half is doable as long as you have 9 miles under your belt. But would def recommend a trip to the sports physio - had a slight tear to a calf muscle a couple of years ago - tried to run with it - just kept getting worse - a bit of ultrasoundy action from my physio and two weeks rest/stretching later I was back to full fitness. Soo wish I hadn't wasted all that time before seeing the guy.

    Good luck to all.

  • Well folks had second opinion and I have been told its my hip flexor had a deep tissue   massage on my hip and quads by hell that hurt . Been told not to run for a week going back next Thursday for some treatment physio recons I should be ok for the GNR I'm not so sure my longest run todate is 9 mile I don't think I have enough miles in the bank. Been to gym today to do some upper  body work and some floor excises I have been given , so I will see how it goes not giving up yet but I know I have to tell my charity if I am not running or I might be liable to pay the sponser money I have to raise £300 I think fit children's cancer . So will update you as things happen any other advice would be welcome 

    image June 

  • It 'just' being the hip flexor is really good news Onemoremile2 image. Listen to your physio and I'd say do the run as long as he/she says it is still doable. It may not be the time you were hoping for but its not a PB course anyway due to the mass of folk apparantly. Take it steady , take some gels (you will need more easy to access energy if training not fully up there) and enjoy the atmosphere - it really will be worthwhile.

    From my end  - my physio found that my tendons in my arse (sorry glutes) were extremely tight last week so proceeded to stick his elbows into them. A bit on the ouch side but it meant I was able to jog for 60minutes non-stop yesterday rather than the 8m minutes I could before - I cannot express how relieved and happy I was with this, it is a massive turning point in my recovery. It means that despite having not run 'properly' for over 2 months I am starting to think that there is a chance I can make it to the GNR. Almost any other run I would probably play safe ... but I have wanted to do the GNR for years ... figure with non-refundable hotels booked etc.. it may still be worth a punt.

    Hope you and your physio decide its worth a go and you can enjoy the day even if overall performance expectations have to be left at the start line. Get round it without creating more damage and I reckon it will be worth it.

    Best of luck

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    Today it's feeling a little better gonna leave it till Thursday before I run then seeing physio Thursday evening so hopefully she will give me the go ahead. This is my first run so don't have a  PB just to finish would be good also I am struggling with what to take to have during the race I have  ulcerated colitus and chrones so the old bottom is not realiable will water just be enough! . Have not booked hotel or train yet just in case I don't make it fingers crossed 

    best of luck hope you make it 


  • Gels-wise I use the SIS ones and know other folk that use them with no problems. I am no medic so have no idea what tolerance your digestive tract will have for them, but may be worth giving them a try out now to see if they are something you can use? Obviously you shouldn't just try them out on the day. They do just make life a little easier I think, especially if training not quite there, but are not essential - you will make it without them.

    Good luck for  Thursday - let me know how you get on.

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