Evening all

I hurt my left knee in a motorbike crash a few years ago, plus I have a whacking great big lump on the outside of my left ankle from 10 years ago (martial arts).  Not sure if it's relevant, but my left leg runs in a kind of flappy motion and my knee hurts after about 4 or 5 miles.  My doctor put me in touch with a physio (NHS one), who gave me exercises, which didn't help.  I've had an orthotic insert, which did zilch.  Did a POSE course a while back, which helped a little.

So, long story short, does anyone know someone who might be able to help?  I'm in Godalming, but can travel.  My missus used one (near Waitrose), but they didn't look at her running style, which I think would be absolutely essential for me.

I'm thinking physio, but really, if you've confidence in someone who has a different approach, please let me know.  At the moment, it's ruining my running.


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