I have started doing some strength training at home which includes squats and lunges.  While doing these my right knee clicks, however only if I do these after a run.  Before heading to a physio, which we all know are not cheap, is this something to worry about? If so the money is well spent, if not I will just carry on...any thoughts?


  • unless it's painful, save your money

    google crepitus

  • I'd agree.

    If it doesn't hurt then it's probably not a big issue. But you know your body better than anyone else so trust your gut about whether to see someon or not.

    The interesting thing is that it only happens after you run. This could be because the surrounding musculture, which ultimately positions the knee joint is becoming compromised after you run or the knee joint itself has moved out of postural alignment and gets worse after you run.

    You can do a quick check by looking in the mirror in shorts and seeing if your feet and knees point straight ahead, or they turn outwards or inwards. They should point straight ahead other the ankle and knee joints are not going to do their proper job when running, squating or anything else. It might also be worth checking their position in the mirror before and after a run and see what effect running has on you.

    Also, remember it's not the sport which is the issue. You need to work out what is going on in your particular body and find the root cause. I advise against supports as they will only temporarily help you and will end up making the area they support weaker in the long term causing more problems.

    If I were you i would just monitor it, and if you feel no other syptoms in your knee, feet or hips then don't worry. But if you start to get other symptoms go see someone. Remember the whole body is a chain and if one parts not working right it will effect the whole chain.

    If you want more info about how your posture could be connected to all this have a look at the page titled 'The Egoscue Method' on my website.

    Cheers and feel free to ask me any questions

    Ameet Bhakta

    Postural Alignment Specialist


  • Thank you both. No pain so will continue to monitor and if any additional symptoms/pain will head to a physio.

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