Hi everyone! I haev just moved from Exter, there I had a great running scene, having jst relocated to Bristol for a new job I have to start again! That is why I am using this forum now, I hope to develop an online running scene and meet like minded runners in the Bristol area! But what club is the best to join? Any suggestions?


  • First of all welcome to Bristol!

    There are loads of clubs in and around Bristol, it really depends on your location and which club is convenient for you. 

    You'd be welcome up at Thornbury Running Club, we're outside of Bristol (head North up the A38) and can be found at www.thornburyrunningclub.co.uk

    If you're looking for a club in the city there's Southville, Bristol and West AC, Westbury Harriers to name a few.  I can't remember the others off the top of my head but any of the local running shops (Sweatshop/Moti) will have lists of local clubs too. 

  • think there is a parkrun near Bristol, you could go there and ask people, there should be lots of local running clubs represented!image

  • park run at Ashton court every Saturday at 9am

    Bristol area  
  • Good gym looks interesting.


    (I am new to Bristol as well)

  • The long established and popular Town and Country Harriers, TACH, are missing from this list.  We always run off-road, starting and finishing from a different pub every Thursday.  The club is socially orientated and very welcoming, yet there are a fair few ultra runners and mountain-marathoners too.

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