Sadly I have injured my ankle from a run image 

Ideally I need it to heal as quick as possible because my marathon is soon image 


I am aware that using ice can help it heal quicker image ... how often shall I do it and for how long shall I do it for?


(e.g. 20min ice bath, 6 times a day?)


Also, this injury happened around a week ago ... does ice still help? 


  • haha thanks Flob! How often would you recommend doing it?

  • When I sprained my ankle earlier in the year I was advised by the physio and sports therapist to ice for 20 minutes every couple of hours; dampen a tea-towel, wrap it around some peas or crushed ice in a bag and apply to the ankle.  To be honest though that was advised for the first week after doing it and once the majority of the swelling was down then I stopped doing it. 

    Ibuprofen three times a day would be a good idea though as that will help take the swelling down. 

    What have you actually done to it?  You may well need to support it during the marathon with a tubi-grip or something.

  • Being honest I dont know what is wrong with it ... it didnt swell ... but it is very painful when i run .. also I have a slight bit of pain when I first wake up in the morning 

  • You really need to get it looked at then Donkey.  I don't think icing it will help if there is no swelling.  You could be doing yourself a lot of damage if you run a marathon on it when you don't know what's wrong image  Hope you get it sorted out.

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