Could anyone recommend some good headphones. I currently use iphone headphones and they drive me mad. They stay in for a matter of seconds. As I'm doing longer runs I really want to get something that will stay in place the entire time I'm out running. 

Any advice would be helpful!


  • Try the SoundMagic E30's - amazing sound , really light and stay in a treat even on long runs - even better when the eartips are replaced with the Comply ones. I moved from Sennheisers a couple of years ago now and would never ever go back now...

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    sennheisers provie reasonable sound and fit, however they last no time. I have a pair of addidas pmx headphones and on my third pair under the warranty period.

  • I've just bought a set of yurbuds,the blurb is designed by athletes for athletes and they "guarantee" them not to fall out, which is based on their silicone cover that twists when inserted into the ear correctly so that it locks in place.

    They do stay in extremely well and the sound quality isnt bad,not perhaps when comparing to a set of "proper" headphones but I for one don't want to be a total audiophile when running! Wiggle have various versions, I got the inspire talk version as use my phone as a one device mp3,GPS tracker and need to stay contactable.

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    I have some Philips ones which have a bendy plastic hook to wrap around your ear. They stay in well and have lasted a good few years of abuse.

  • I have used Sennheiser PMX70/80 for a few years, they are sweat proof and wont fall out due to the wrap round design. Comfortable and good sound quality.

    I've recently purchased Yurbud (Inspire) you need to but correct size and no they do not contain 2 x sizes as someone mentioned on earlier thread (only on more expensive model)   At £24 not too bad, and they do not fall out.

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    Gazmanmeister wrote (see)

    I have used Sennheiser PMX70/80 for a few years, they are sweat proof and wont fall out due to the wrap round design. Comfortable and good sound quality.



    I use these too. Have had them about 5 years and they're still going strong. Stay in place well.


  • Can recommend the Bose SIE2. Robust and the earbuds sit securely in the ear better than anything else I've ever used.

    Not cheap, but long lasting and the earbuds are replaceable.

  • I bet you haven't yet considered the AfterShokz open-ear headphones. We have written a review on our blog site that will give you the info required. But in essence they do not go into your ear and use crazy bone conduction / military grade technology. There is even a wireless model using Bluetooth. Worth a look:

  • I have ones that hook over my ears, they have lasted quite a while now and there has never been an issue with sweat stopping them working, they also stay in my ears and the sound quality is very good.  They are a Phillips make.

  • After trying maybe 20-30 different pairs over the years, Yurbuds are the only ones I can recommend - they're brilliant and live up to their claims.

    I've got the Inspire Pro - they don't fall out, at all, and the button/mic doesn't mess up when it gets wet (and mine has been soaked on occasion and still works perfectly).

  • Thanks everyone. So many suggestions! 

  • The FX-Sport VR1 headphones are outstanding. The fit is secure and comfortable. I have used them in the pouring rain with no problems and they are wireless [mp3 built in]. The VR1 model can do loads more than just music as the headphones actually can hold an uploaded workout which you create yourself in your own words [move your a** you lazy ***], or download pre-prepared ones from the FX-Sport database. The music quality is the best I have used for any sport headphones including Sennheiser. They obviously cost more than a few quid though, but these really are the best. I have used them for track work and applied the audible trainer for time notifications and countdowns. Just outstanding.

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    You really love those headphones pete. Are you on commission from the company?
  • Ha, think I should be, your right. I mean I wouldn't say I was in love with them.. just rest them on my pillow at night...

    Did see this blog about them recently:



  • I've got these and love them.

    No need to worry about rain and can go swimming in them as well.

    I am in the market for some open ear headphones now though so will keep an eye on here. I like the idea but not the price of those Aftershokz.

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