any advice for me please.
i started running 5months ago (from couch). got to 13mile runs after 3 months and was doing them about 1:53. surprise surprise i sustained some injury to both ankles/calves and i rested for it for 2 weeks. i then did the dundee 13m race. i did the race in 2:00 but was very sore throughout. the pain in my ankles and calves were as before but obviously more severe in pain especially when i had been sleeping or sitting for even short periods of time.
i have since rested for 3.5 weeks and and my ankles/calves feels a lot better (probably to the point that i maybe able to run).
i have another 1/2 marathon in 10 days time exactly. it would mean a total of 5 weeks off any running.
should i do it? would my fitness have dropped to a level that i won't ba able to complete the race? i have paid flights to this place already.

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