My treadmill belt keeps moving to the left while I'm running on it... so I bought an allen key to re-allign it. However, I cannot find the slot to put the allen key in. Apparently it's on the rear left of the treadmill but I'm damned if I can find it.


Any ideas people?


  • please help people

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I would imagine its a fact that no one knows the answer rather than not wanting to help.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Do you still have the box/instructions?  Is there a helpline number?

  • Dear JJ Lo

    I would love to help as I was in the dark too

    I have a PowerJog G100. To adjust the belt, please do this

    1 Go to the non motor roller rear end

    2 At the back end of the left hand rail as you look at it, near the bottom, there should be a black plastic stopper, open the stopper

    3 Insert a long allen key and engage it (short ones no good)

    4 Turn a 1/4 turn only once at a time to the left to send belt to the right or 1/4 turn at a time to the right to send belt to the left

    5 Run for 2 minutes to check and repeat if needed. Careful not to over tighten

    If not working, then you need to take the right arm off at the back to use both keys as right arm has no stopper

    How?, use long allen key round the side of the right hand rail end where another hole is and undo arm.

    Raise up hand rail and take off carefully and push gently to one side to give access to right adjustment hole near bottom end

    Turn right one as we did before 1/4 turn at a time to the right and then over to the left one 1/4 turn at a time to the left to send belt to left, opposite on both to send belt right. (confused? I was at first but got the hang of it)

    Put the right hand arm back on (fiddly and be careful) so it slots in and tighten

    Run powerjog and check for 2 mins and check that belt lifts up 2-3 inches, don't over tighten or go too loose (I did - nightmare)

    Plug left hole at back with stopper

    Finally, make sure you lubricate the board again with silicone so it is smooth as a baby's wotsit.Overall the PowerJog motor's were one of the best ever, it has a great, simple build and should last a long time when used at home (they were used as you know up to 8 hours each day in the gym)

    I am sure mine will blow up now I have said that

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks, going to have a go at it now.

  • A while back I posted a similar thread and could not for love nor money find a manual.  Not even the guru Mr Evans at Expert Fitness had one.   


    I am very pleased though at long last a very kind soul from another site has forwarded me a PDF of the manual for the POWERJOG.   It explains in great detail what to do to get it centred correctly.   Very happy.   


    I would post up here but cant see how I do that, but if you want a copy send us a mail and I will gladly share.   



  • Hi Bradley I would like a copy of the manual please. Mike image

  • No worries.   whats your email ?

  • [email protected]


    Thank you  for the quick reply, very much appreciated.

    All the best .

  • Hi guys, I'm new to this site. I have just adopted a power jog g100 treadmill and would really like a copy of the pdf mentioned here. Press can you email it to me [email protected]

    Thanks so much in advance.
  • Hi. Could anyone please offer some advice. I have a Powerjog G100 (circa 1997) which I have owned for about 6months. It works perfectly fine, however it only has a maximum speed of 14kph (8.4mph) as shown on the console. This speed seems accurate in terms of timed distance and effort. I have read that top speed for this model is nearer 15mph (25kph). Could anybody with the same model confirm max speed? Possible diagnostics if the top speed should be faster? Thanks

  • If anybody can help me by emailing me a copy of the manual I would be extremely grateful 
    [email protected]
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