Diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis... Classic symptoms.


For llast two weeks I have followed medical advice and nit run... Pain has eased off but I am slowly going mental!

At night I am wearing a Fs6 support and in the morning doing alphabet with feet to stretch/ warm them up.

Icing on a frozen bottle threetimes a day.

What else can I do to speed up my recovery? And how long will I be off running?  Or can I run through the pain with no damage?


  • I have been running with it for ages. Mine disappears when I run but then comes back after a nights sleep.

    I ran a marathon and did all my training with it and have not done any specific damage, what has happened is that it started to hurt so much I started running on the outside of my foot which has caused an abnormal loading on my left hip and as such I get pain when I run. Physo is currently trying to straighten me out.

    What I would say is that I have found that barefoot running seems to take away my pain all together. I have been 'learning' to run barefoot while injured and a couple of months in I'm really seeing the benefit.

    I'd say stretch out your calf muscles, use a foam roller if you can and pop your shoes off for a bit and see how you go. It's no miracle cure but if nothing else it will give you something to do while injured

    Good luck

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