Wondering if anyone can help...

Since January 2013 I have been totally plagued with shin splints in my dominant right leg. I have been to physio and seen a podiatrist who has prescribed me a set of orthotics to address my flat feet. I thought at the time that this would be the end to all my problems however this was not the case. I have been doing a set of exercises everyday and I also try and ice my shins for at least 20 minutes per day. I am starting a new job very soon and I need to be able to run for at least 1.5 miles. I would like to be on top form when I start. Has anyone else been in the same position?
Is there anyway to get rid of this?

Should I continue running short distances and build it up if the pain isn't too bad?!

p.s I have also been to the hospital and they have ruled out a stress fracture!

Thank you!


  • I sympathise, my early days of running were plagued with shin splints and it came down to me running in supportive shoes in the end. The more support I had the quicker the pain came on.

    I spent a lot of time and money trying different shoes and found that some with less cushioning and a little support worked best. My Brooks Pure Cadence were great and the Newtons are worth a look. Stay away from Nike Frees!!

    I have now started running with a more forefoot/midfoot style while throwing in some barefoot running and I never have any problems at all.

    Good luck with things mate

  • I had a lot of shin splint when I started running. I never let it get bad, just left off running until the pain went, then it came back. I read 'Chi Running' which details a lot of injury prevention.

    Apparently running with turned out feet can be the cause. I slowed right down, practised running with my feet ailgned forwards, along with all the other corrective stuff like no reaching forward in a big stride and the problem went. Fom what I've read on here, the Chi running style is exactly like the proper form recommended in 'Born to run' and pretty much everywhere else.

  • Stay away from the Netwons if you have wide feet.  They changed their sizing this year, making them much narrower.  Forefoot strikers tend to need a wider toe box.

    The 2012 version was good but avoid 2013 models.

  • Hi Steven,

    The pain (shin splints) is your body's way of telling you that something is not right. That's what you need to address in order to get rid of your pain permanently.

    It sounds like you have got flat feet if the physio and podiatrist say so. And that really compromises the proper functioning of the foot. What I would want to know is why do you have flat feet? Instead of just putting artificial supports in your shoes, which only mask the problem instead of looking at the root cause, which is probably muscular. Furthermore, many people put supports in which provide temporary relief, but because the root cause hasn't been solved, further problems show up either in the same location, or somewhere else, e.g. in the knee, or the hip.

    Also we really need to determine what is causing your shin splints. Lots of people run and don't get shin splints so what is happening in your body which is causing this? Often it's because the alignment of the foot, ankle, knee and hip is compromised. This misalignment causes the tissues in front of your shin bone (the tibia) to scrape and grind on it, causing lots of pain.

    Stand in front of the mirror and see if your feet and also your knee caps point straight ahead or do they face in or outwards at an angle. They should point straight ahead all in one line, with the hip stacked vertically on top of the knees which is turn goes on top of the ankle. Them being at an angle is a sign of dysfunction. And could be the root cause of your problems. Correct the misalignments and you may solve the problem permanently along with the flat feet.

    If you want to find out a bit more about how your posture could be causing you these problems and what you can do to get better, then have a look at the 'The Egoscue Method' page on my website.

    Cheers and feel free to ask any questions

    Ameet Bhakta

    Postural Alignment Specialist


  • 5 years of shin splints despite expensive orthotics and I was ready to give up running.

    I made a gradual switch to barefoot running, combining it with strengthening my shin and calf muscles and I've been shin-splint free for 18 months.

  • Bare foot running ! I use merrell  trail glove and after 20 yr of shin splints they have gone . Before these I had tried all the foot scan , insole, tape , support trainers none worked. Take your time with barefoot shoes. You could also try race flats . Also go on YouTube and there is plenty of hood videos on how to run . The BBC do a show last year and found that there is no evidence that support trainers help . 

  • This makes an interesting read for me - I am also experiencing severe shin splints with only 5 weeks until the Berlin marathon.  This will only be my second marathon attempt and I really don't know what I should be doing..pull least get to the start line and see what happens?!

    I had been waiting on orthotics for over 2 weeks and impatiently went out for 2 x 1hr runs this weekend (on seperate days) as I have missed lots of running.. I am way off my marathon plan. This morning I did 30 minutes (using calf compression sleeves for the first time as i'd read they help). As soon as I got in the door I was limping with the worst pain i've had in weeks...just when I was starting to feel better and getting my hopes up about the marathon.

    I've just picked my orthotics up and will have to walk in them for a few days before running. To me that means one thing - more lost running days.

    I've experienced what I thought were shin splints in the past - but NOTHING like this.  Honestly i've had them mildly since June when I ran a half marathon. I bought new trainers after that thinking they were coming on from my current pair being toward the end of their life but I imagine I've just given myself more problems by continuining to run on them..

  • Thank you all for the valuable suggestions!

  • Chi running has worked for me for over 7 years now.  Virtually injury free since I started but was plagued by frequent calf problems for years prior to this.  Had to go on a course though as I wasn't getting anywhere with the book.  I also see a Kinethiologist (he does a few prods and taps - a bit like magic but it works) if ever I get twinges.  Highly recommend both



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