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I have ran 2 marathons & a few shorter distance races over the last 3 years, using Asics Gel - 1170's. These were the recommended shoe by Asics after I paid the £30 to have my feet analysed in stoire. 

I understand they have now discontinued this model & have replaced with the GT-1000? This may have happened sometime ago, the last time I bought runenrs was around a year ago. 

First query, is someone able to confirm that this is indeed the replacement for the 1170. I'd speak to someone from Asics but I'm not particularly near an Asics store. 

Secondly, is the shoe different enough for it to be a risk in just mail ordering them (as opposed to heading to the store to try them 1st). I appreciate there are improvements but is it a much different fit? 

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  • yes, these are definitely the latest incarnation in the 1000 series aimed at those needing only a little support - they replace the 1170. I have some and rotate with 1170s and some 1160s for my road running. They are all good for me, I noticed little difference other than that "ooh a fresh pair of trainers" feeling (although it must be said I'm not the most sophisticated of trainer user so would encourage anyone else to try first.)

  • Thanks Also Ran -  I have done some research to find that they are planning to release a new version in Sept but not sure whether this is only in America?

    Also, what's the differerence between the 100's, 2's & 3's? Are the just more expensive, premium models of the same shoe design? 

  • MadbeeMadbee ✭✭✭

    Make sure you try them.  They have changed the Asics GT series considerably from the last incarnation, and while my 2170s have been absolutely brilliant (despite them turning out to be the wrong level of support for me - but that's another story!), the 2000 were completely the wrong shape for my feet.  They are much narrower and more shallow in the toe-box and just don't work for me at all.  

    I've ended up with a pair of Nike Lunar Eclipse which seem fantastic so far - no seams or uncomfortable support strips on the outsides, and a great lacing system.

  • Ian, The 1's, 2's, and 3's are versions to support pronators. The 1's are the least supportive (intentionally)  of the 3 models. In addition I think cheaper materials are used in the 1000s so they tend to be cheaper too.

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